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On March 27, 2014, NASS established a Hall of Fame and inducted an inaugural group of five former staff.

The Hall of Fame honors individuals whose work made lasting contributions to the quality of the information collected and the service NASS provides in producing timely, accurate, and useful agricultural statistics. Through the Hall of Fame, we recognize the talent, vision, and energy of individuals whose contributions to the agency and to agricultural statistics transcend time. Individuals honored in the Hall of Fame exemplified integrity, honesty, and commitment to public service.

For the inaugural induction, inclusion was limited to individuals who are deceased but who worked for the agency after 1957, when USDA developed a plan to expand data collection and make it the work of a separate agency within the Department of Agriculture. A nominating committee of former NASS employees and independent statisticians selected the inaugural inductees. The inaugural inductees (and their citations) are:

Photo of Bruce Graham


Bruce M. Graham
Bruce M. Graham provided outstanding leadership in the Statistical Reporting Service and the National Agricultural Statistics Service, including leadership of the Survey Operations Group. This group expanded the use of probability area frame surveys into most states, a key to implementing the transformative “Project A.”

Photo of Sterling Newell


Sterling R. (Bert) Newell
As Chair of the Crop Reporting Board (1950 – 1962), Sterling R. (Bert) Newell led development of the 1957 long-range plan for major expansion of USDA data collection. He helped convince Congress to support the plan, which ultimately led to the creation of the Statistical Reporting Service (now the National Agricultural Statistics Service).

Photo of Cary Palmer
Cary Palmer
Cary Palmer was as an outstanding State Statistician in South Dakota and Texas. He is also known for his highly successful recruitment of college graduates who went on to become outstanding statisticians and leaders in the Statistical Reporting Service and its successor the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Photo of Glenn Simpson


Glenn Simpson
Glenn D. Simpson provided leadership for the staffing and organizational structure of the new Statistical Reporting Service (now the National Agricultural Statistics Service). He also led development of the original USDA Statistical Scope and Methods publication that guided the agency’s statistical processes for many years.

Photo of Harry Trelogan


Harry C. Trelogan
Harry C. Trelogan was the founding Administrator (1961-1975) of the Statistical Reporting Service (now the National Agricultural Statistics Service). He provided the vision and leadership that began the transformation of previous USDA data collection programs into an internationally renowned statistical agency.

To Nominate Someone to the Hall of Fame

Future inductions to the NASS Hall of Fame will take place annually in December. Future inductees may be living or deceased but must have retired or left NASS at least five years previously. Current NASS employees, previous NASS employees, or other interested individuals may nominate individuals to the Hall of Fame. Nominations are due by the end of October. For more information on the NASS Hall of Fame, contact nass@nass.usda.gov. To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, submit a 2015 NASS Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

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