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United States Department of Agriculture
National Agricultural Statistics Service

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Robert T. Bass
Director, National Operations Center

Bob Bass brings over 35 years of experience in agricultural statistics to his position as Director of the National Operations Center. He grew up on a small peanut, corn and hog operation in eastern North Carolina and began his career with NASS as a student trainee in the North Carolina office while completing his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics at North Carolina State University. Upon graduation, he began his full-time career with NASS in the Tennessee Field Office and later moved to the Texas Field Office. He then earned a Master's degree in Survey Methodology in a NASS-sponsored program at the University of Michigan.

Bass has served in a number of management positions in NASS including National Administrator of the Agricultural Survey Program, Director of both the Virginia and Georgia Field Offices, Director of Marketing and Information Services, Associate Deputy Administrator for Field Operations and Director of the Census and Survey Division, before selection to his current position in 2011. In addition to domestic assignments, Bass has also participated in projects providing technical assistance to Egypt, Bulgaria, and Serbia. He currently resides with his wife, Lynda, in Herndon, Virginia.

Last modified: 06/30/11