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United States Department of Agriculture
National Agricultural Statistics Service

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  County Data FAQs

What County Data Does NASS Publish?

There are two independent sets of data collected and published by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) which contain county crop and livestock information.

(1) The Census of Agriculture is conducted every five years and, by definition, is a complete accounting of the crops and livestock produced on all farms and ranches and current inventories of livestock on all farms for the Census year.

(2) NASS prepares and publishes crop annual county data to support the USDA farm program (major grains, oilseeds, edible beans, sugar crops, cotton and tobacco). County data are prepared and published for additional commodities through our cooperator program (hay, potato, minor oil seeds, and fruit), with each of the state departments of agriculture. The cooperator program also supports the annual livestock inventory data by county. The annual county data are based on reports from a sample of farms and ranches.

(Note: A national program for cattle inventory was initiated in 2001.)


Last modified: 06/02/09