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  County Data FAQs

Are all commodities included in the Annual County Data program?

The livestock county data and data for hay, potatoes (Irish), sweet potatoes, apples and peaches are prepared as required by each State's Department of Agriculture program. Local (State) funding may limit data availability for a specie(s), commodity, data item(s) or year(s), including some major production States. All available data are included in the On-Line-Database. Only States preparing county or Agricultural Statistics District (ASD) data have entries in the Database.

If data are needed for all counties for a selected commodity, the Census of Agriculture most likely will have data for All States. However, some counties may not be published to avoid disclosure of individual operations. The general guideline for determining disclosure is less than three (3) reports for the item or one operations has more than 60 percent of the total. The Census county data are available on CD-ROM as a custom query database.


Last modified: 06/02/09