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  County Data FAQs

Are all commodities included in the Annual County Data program?

National Program. The national portion of the County Data program focuses on the major grains, oilseeds, cotton, dry edible beans, sugar crops and tobacco. Beginning in 2001, cattle inventory was added to the national program. Cooperative agreements with other USDA agencies and general support for the Farm Program provide the funding for this group of commodities.

State (Cooperator) Program. NASS maintains cooperative agreements with each State Department of Agriculture and/or Land Grant University to conduct a joint statistics program that supports both the national and State needs. The cooperative agreements eliminate duplication of effort and produce a cost efficient information program. A significant portion of the County Data is the product of these agreements. The livestock and poultry (cattle, hogs, chickens, etc.) inventories and hay, potato (Irish), sweet potato, apple, and peach production are prepared and published (State Information) as required by each State's Department of Agriculture program. Local (State) funding may limit information availability for a specie(s), commodity, data item(s) or year(s), including data for some major producing States.


Last modified: 06/02/09