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  Pre-Defined Queries

The following are requested queries from our Quick Stats database system that have been developed for your convenience based on their timeliness and user feedback.


Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2009 Fruit

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2009 Nursery and Floriculture

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2009 Wheat

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2009-2010 Wheat, Postharvest

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2010 Corn, Upland Cotton, Fall Potatoes

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2010 Sheep and Sheep Facilities

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2010 Vegetables

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2011 Barley and Sorghum

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2011 Fruit

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2012 Soybeans and Wheat

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2013 Peanuts and Rice

Agricultural Chemical Usage - 2014 Corn and Potatoes

Agricultural Tourism, operations, receipts and receipts per operation by state, pivoted by data item.

Beef Cow Inventory - All States

Cattle on Feed - All States

Cash Rents by County

Corn - Planted, harvested, yield, production, price, All States 2000-2010

Cotton - Planted, harvested, yield, production, price, All States

Hog/Pig Inventory - All States

Kansas Wheat Acreage yield and production, Census and Survey Data, 1886-2010, Pivoted by acreage yield and production.

Land values - Census Data 1997,2002,2007

Market Value of Ag Products Sold 2007 Census (you can sort the data to get top 10)

Milk Cow Production and Value of Milk Production

Milk Cow Inventory - All States

Milk Cows - Licensed Dairy Herds

Off Farm Grain Stocks Storage Capacity 2009-1988, US and state, pivoted by location.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes, harvested acres and number of operations, 1866 - 2009

Soybeans - Planted, harvested, yield, production, price, All States 2000-2010

Sheep/Goat Inventory - All States

Wheat - Planted, harvested, yield, production, price, All States