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  Special Tabulations

Special tabulations are publishable, resummarized data tables from the Census of Agriculture or NASS surveys. Requests for Special Tabulations are considered when the requested data are not published elsewhere. NASS conducts the Census of Agriculture (every 5 years) and other surveys (annually) to collect information related to agriculture production, inventories, fertilizer use, expenditures, etc. Reports are published for the Census and agriculture surveys. The special tabulations differ from NASS published reports in the following ways:

  • Output is limited to a specific analytic purpose.
  • Output is customized to a specific request.
  • Many Special Tabulations are based on a statistical model or a specified set of assumptions. Tables using these assumptions are derived from the Census of Agriculture or NASS surveys and, when published, carry the appropriate disclaimers.
  • Some output is longitudinal and used to track census/survey to census/survey changes and to make comparisons over time. These data sets are not complete, being limited to reports meeting specific criteria.

Special tabulations can only be made from information in the original Census of Agriculture questionnaire, although less common crops are not specifically listed on this version of the questionnaire. 


  Request a Special Tabulation

To request a special tabulation from the NASS Data Lab, please use the on-line request form or you can contact the NASS Data Lab at 202-690-0380 or 202-690-0360.



Published Data Resources

Special tabulations are completed for requests where the data are not published. The Quick Stats agricultural data base should be investigated before requesting a special tabulation. The reports, in PDF formats, related to these resources can be accessed from the Census of Agriculture and Publications pages.

If you have questions, you can contact the NASS Data Lab at 202-690-0380 or 202-690-0360.


Last modified: 07/30/13