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  Outreach and Diversity

Outreach at NASS is defined as two-way communication between this agency and the public to establish and foster mutual understanding, promote public involvement, and influence behaviors, attitudes and actions with the goal of improving the foundations for stewardship and cooperation.

Outreach involves both the transfer of information and a means to gauge the success of the transfer. Outreach encompasses an array of activities through which information is shared with, and feedback is obtained from, stakeholders. Through the establishment of unique partnerships, this interactive connection with external partners provides a reciprocal benefit that is essential to accomplishing the mission of NASS.

NASS will conduct outreach activities that will:

  1. ensure that NASS continues to build relationships with its current partners;
  2. encourage the development of new partnerships;
  3. increase awareness and visibility of who we are, what we do, and how NASS benefits the agricultural community as a whole;
  4. strive to increase the level of trust of the public;
  5. maintain a clear and consistent message that is received by NASS’s customers;
  6. continue to build the understanding of the agency’s mission;
  7. continue to promote a positive NASS public image; and ,
  8. provide timely, accurate, and useful information to NASS customers.

Administrator’s Civil Rights Policy

Anti Harassment Policy

Secretary of Agriculture's Civil Rights Policy

Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act (No FEAR Act ) of 2002 , Public Law 107-174

Washington Post - Secretary Vilsack Independent Civil Rights Assessment Article (May 10, 2011)

USDA Civil Rights Fact Sheet and Achievements (May 11, 2011)

2010 Population Census Overview of Race and Hispanic Origin

Federally Recognized American Indian and Alaska Native Entities
Federal Register Notice Volume 75, Number 190, October 1, 2010

Federally Recognized and State Recognized Tribal Entities, Sorted by State
National Conference of State Legislatures, May 2011

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