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United States Department of Agriculture
National Agricultural Statistics Service

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  Frequently Asked Questions

Historical Data

Why do you have only three USDA agencies' reports and products combined?

Our initial agreement for Internet services included the three Economic agencies that work closely with each other. These agencies are Economic Research Service (ERS), World Agricultural Outlook Board (WAOB), and National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

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Do I have options for just looking at NASS, or ERS, or WAOB Historical Data ONLY?

Yes, the search can be narrowed to a specific agency.

From our NASS homepage, click on "SEARCH" and choose which agency you wish to search at "List by Agency". The list of report and data products can then be scrolled through or click on a letter to jump down the list.

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Are there any graphics (showing trends over a period of years) available?

Numerous charts and graphs are available from Charts and Maps on the Home Page. A special publication "Trends in U.S. Agriculture", highlights changes in agriculture during the 20th century.

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Last modified: 12/03/08