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  2005 News Releases

12/20/05  Statistical Highlights: USDA Reports That Sale of Fresh Seasonal Holiday Decorations Remains Strong

12/05/05  USDA Launches Redesigned Agricultural Statistics Web Site

11/15/05  2005 Census of Aquaculture is Ready to Count

11/15/05  USDA Reports an Increase in the Average Weight of a Turkey

11/03/05  USDA to Survey Hurricane Wilma's Impact on Florida Citrus Crops

10/13/05  Hispanic Farmers Represent a Growing Sector of U.S. Agriculture

10/11/05  USDA - NASS to Update Acreage in October Crop Production Report

09/09/05  USDA September Crop Production Forecasts to Reflect Effects of Hurricane, Drought

09/09/05  USDA'S NASS to Release U.S. Broiler and Egg Production Cycles Special Report

09/07/05  USDA Announces Leadership Changes On Agricultural Statistics Board

08/15/05  USDA'S NASS Will Release U.S. and Canadian Cattle and U.S. and Canadian Hogs and Pigs Reports

08/12/05  USDA to Hold Public Forum - October 17, 2005

08/03/05  Farm Computer Use Report to be Reissued

07/28/05  Announces U.S. Farm Production Expenditures Up 5.1 Percent in 2004

07/28/05  NASS Discontinues Monthly Tobacco Price Estimates

05/05/05  2002 Census of Agriculture Reveals Facts on Asian-American Farmers

04/20/05  NASS to Release Sheep and Goats Death Loss Report

04/20/05  USDA'S NASS to Release Non-Ambulatory Cattle Report

03/31/05  USDA Announces Impact of Soybean Rust on Planting Decisions for the 2005 Season

03/09/05  2002 Census Reveals an Increase in Women Principal Operators

02/25/05  USDA-NASS Sheds New Light on the Demographics of U.S. Farm Operators

02/22/05  USDA Releases the Operators by Race Report

02/17/05  NASS Publishes an In-Depth Analysis on the Demographics of U.S. Farm Operators

02/15/05  NASS Historical Publications Now Available on the Web

02/10/05  Census Reveals Two-Thirds of Black or African American Principal Operators Own Their Farm

02/08/05  NASS to Release the U.S. and Canadian Cattle and U.S. and Canadian Hogs and Pigs Reports

02/08/05  Advisory Committee on Agriculture Statistics Meets

02/07/05  NASS Announces Changes to the March Prospective Plantings and Grain Stocks Reports

02/07/05  Program Promoting the ARMS Survey to Air on RFD-TV

01/14/05  2002 Census ZIP Code Tabulations and Congressional District Tabulations Now On-line

01/11/05  NASS to Change Report Release Time Due to Presidential Inauguration

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