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  2014 News Releases

12/23/14  U.S. Hogs and Pigs Inventory Up 2 Percent

12/23/14  USDA to Gauge Farmland Ownership and Farm Economics

12/23/14  Happy Holidays from NASS

11/25/14  Thanksgiving by the Numbers

11/17/14  Advisory Committee on Agriculture Statistics to Meet on December 2–3

11/10/14  USDA Reports Corn, Soybeans on Track for Record-high Yield, Production

10/27/14  New Web Tool Allows Users to Visualize, Analyze Agriculture Data

09/30/14  USDA Reports Corn Stocks Up 50 Percent, Soybean Stocks Down 35 Percent from 2013

09/29/14  USDA Launches Current Agricultural Industrial Reports Program

09/29/14  USDA Seeks Nominations for the Advisory Committee on Agriculture Statistics

09/26/14  U.S. Hogs and Pigs Inventory Down 2 Percent

08/19/14  USDA Continues to Seek Input for the 2017 Census of Agriculture

08/12/14  USDA Forecasts Record-High Corn and Soybean Production in 2014

08/01/14  U.S. Farm Production Expenditures Top $367 Billion in 2013

07/28/14  Congressional District Profiles from the Agriculture Census Provide New Decision-Making Tools for Leaders

07/25/14  U.S. Cattle Inventory Down 3 Percent from 2012

06/30/14  USDA Reports Record High Soybean Acreage, Corn Acres Down

06/27/14  U.S. Hog and Pigs Inventory Down 5 Percent

06/27/14  USDA Releases 2012 Puerto Rico Census of Agriculture

06/24/14  USDA Invites Suggestions for the 2017 Census of Agriculture

05/02/14  2012 Census of Agriculture Reveals New Trends in Farming

03/31/14  U.S. Farmers Expect to Plant Record-High Soybean Acreage

03/28/14  U.S. Hog and Pigs Inventory Lowest Since 2007

03/27/14  NASS Honors Five Former Employees in Inaugural Hall of Fame Ceremony

02/20/14  2012 Census of Agriculture Preliminary Results Show Growing Farm Economy (CORRECTED)

01/16/14  USDA Reminds Producers to Return their Census of Aquaculture Forms

01/06/14  USDA Surveys On-Farm Irrigation Practices







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