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08/26/15  NASS Delays 2014 Organic Survey Report

08/05/15  NASS Releases 2015 Cash Rents and Land Values Data

07/29/15  NASS Reschedules Newest Current Agricultural Industrial Report

06/30/15  NASS to Resurvey Growers for Acres Planted in Several States

05/21/15  Reminder: NASS to Release Reports at 12 Noon on Friday, May 22

04/09/15  Web Site Maintenance to Make NASS Agricultural Statistics Quick Stats Database and Online Survey Response Services Unavailable Beginning April 10

03/24/15  NASS to Release Corrected Livestock Slaughter Report March 24 at 3:00 p.m.

03/20/15  Livestock Slaughter Report Data Errors Found

03/11/15  NASS Modifies Agriculture Prices Program

03/11/15  NASS Modifies Publication Schedule for Rice Prices

12/09/14  NASS Reschedules the December 26 Weekly Peanut Prices Report to December 24

11/17/14  NASS Modifies Agricultural Prices Program

10/27/14  NASS Announces New Dates for Several Census of Agriculture Reports

10/02/14  NASS Announces Changes to Cash Rents Program

09/30/14  NASS to Re-Survey Operators with Unharvested Small Grains

08/11/14  QuickStats Database Update

06/09/14  NASS Reschedules the Annual Cherry Production Report for June 25 Release

05/21/14  NASS Sets Dates for Release of Five-Year Final Estimate Bulletins

04/07/14  USDA April Crop Progress Report Delayed

03/14/14  NASS to Release Cherry Report on March 17

02/19/14  NASS and Statistics Canada Reschedule Joint Cattle, Sheep and Hogs Statistics Publications

02/12/14  NASS to Reinstate Agricultural Estimates Programs

02/12/14  North American Potatoes Report to be Published on February 12

02/11/14  NASS Releases 2013 Geospatial Data for U.S. Crops

01/28/14  NASS and Statistics Canada Delay North American Potatoes Publication

12/10/13  USDA to Release Crop Reports as Scheduled Today

12/06/13  NASS Announces 2014 Report Release Schedule

11/19/13  NASS Continues to Suspend Certain Statistical Estimates and Reports due to Sequestration

11/13/13  NASS to Release Preliminary Results of 2012 Census of Agriculture on February 20, 2014

10/24/13  NASS Announces Changes to November Crop Production Report

10/23/13  Release of 2012 Census of Agriculture Data Delayed

10/17/13  NASS Updates Schedule for October Reports

09/27/13  2013 Almond Production Down 2 Percent from the 2012 Final Production

09/27/13  2013 Walnut Production Down Slightly from the 2012 Final Production

09/20/13  2013 Raisin-type Grape Production Forecast is Up 25.5 Percent From the 2012 Final Production

08/28/13  NASS to Resume Milk Production Surveys in October

08/08/13  NASS to Release 2013 Farm Computer Usage Results on August 20

07/18/13  NASS and Statistics Canada Suspend Joint August Cattle Statistics Publication

06/28/13  NASS to Collect Additional Soybean Acreage Data

05/21/13  NASS to Release Farm Safety Survey Results on May 30

05/15/13  NASS Releases 2012 Chemical Use Data for Soybeans and Wheat

04/22/13  NASS Cancels Puerto Rico Various Agricultural Statistics 2012 Summary

04/03/13  NASS to Provide Partial Milk Production Estimates for the Remainder of Fiscal Year 2013

03/12/13  NASS Suspends Certain Statistical Estimates and Reports Due to Sequestration

02/13/13  NASS and Statistics Canada Reschedule February Livestock Publications

01/08/13  USDA to Begin Noon-time Crop Reports on January 11

12/06/12  NASS Announces Annual County Estimates for Small Grains Will be Available December 13

11/15/12  NASS Reschedules November Farm Labor Report

10/31/12  NASS Reschedules Reports Delayed on October 29

10/28/12  NASS Delays October 29, 2012 Reports

10/11/12  2011 U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Upland Cotton Up from 2010

10/01/12  NASS-Statistics Canada Discontinue October Hog Statistics Publication

09/27/12  NASS to Publish Organic Survey Results

08/01/12  NASS Releases 2011 Fruit Crops Agricultural Chemical Use Data

07/25/12  Delay - NASS to Release 2011 Fruit Crops Agricultural Chemical Use Data on August 1

07/09/12  Reminder: 30-Day Public Comment Period on Statistical Reports Ends Today

05/24/12  USDA-NASS Changes Release Date for Floriculture Production Report

05/03/12  NASS to Publish Farm Labor Report

05/02/12  NASS to Publish New Agricultural Chemical Use Data

04/24/12  NASS Issues Correction to Agricultural Safety Report

04/16/12  National Agricultural Statistics Service's April 16 Reports Are Delayed

04/05/12  NASS Discontinues Dairy Products Prices Report

03/29/12  NASS to Release the Agricultural Safety Report

03/28/12  NASS Announces 2012 Crop Progress Reports Will Begin April 2

03/09/12  NASS Announces 2012 Apple In-Season Forecast Schedule

02/16/12  NASS Announces 2012 Farm Labor Report Schedule

01/25/12  NASS Changes Frequency of In-Season Fruit and Vegetable Reporting

01/18/12  North American Potatoes Release Rescheduled

12/20/11  NASS Releases Updated Vegetable Chemical Usage Data

12/09/11  NASS to Reinstate Several Agricultural Estimates Programs

10/17/11  NASS Reduces Agricultural Estimation Programs

10/12/11  2010 U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Up from 2009

09/30/11  NASS to Re-Survey Operators With Unharvested Small Grains

09/30/11  Update Small Grains Summary, Grain Stocks, Rice Stocks, and Dairy Products Prices

09/28/11  Postharvest Chemical Usage Survey Suspension

09/22/11  Potatoes 2010 Summary Release Rescheduled

08/22/11  NASS Describes its Use of Farm Service Agency Crop Acreage Numbers

08/18/11  NASS Releases Farm Labor Report

07/27/11  Vegetable Chemical Use Data is Now Available Online

06/30/11  Update Acreage, Grain Stocks and Rice Stocks

06/30/11  NASS to Collect Additional Acreage Data

06/24/11  Update - Quarterly Hogs and Pigs

06/09/11  NASS Reschedules Release Date for Cherry Production Report

06/09/11  2010 Agricultural Chemical Usage Data Correction

06/02/11  NASS Announces Changes to its Statistical Programs

05/25/11  2010 Agricultural Chemical Usage Data Now Available Online

05/13/11  NASS to Release Sheep Industry Chemical Use Data

03/16/11  2010 Postharvest Wheat Chemical Usage Data

03/15/11  NASS Discontinues Dairy Products Prices Annual Report

03/11/11  Potential Outages of NASS Website

03/10/11  NASS Seeks Public Input on Distillers By-products Survey

02/10/11  NASS to Release 2009 On-Farm Renewable Energy Production Results

01/19/11  2009 Nursery and Floriculture Chemical Usage Data

01/07/11  NASS Discontinues Weather-Crop Summary

12/16/10  NASS to Release Overview of the United States Cattle Industry Report

12/06/10  NASS to Release 2009 Census of Horticultural Specialties Results

10/18/10  NASS to Update Field Crops: Usual Planting and Harvesting Dates Handbook

10/08/10  U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Up From 2008

09/30/10  NASS to Re-Survey Operators With Unharvested Small Grains

09/29/10  NASS to Release Additional Rice Stocks Report

09/15/10  NASS to Release Overview of the United States Dairy Industry Report

07/29/10  NASS to Release Agricultural Safety Reports

07/28/10  2009 Fruit Chemical Usage Data

05/20/10  NASS to Release Sheep and Goats Death Loss Report

05/19/10  2009 Chemical Use Data for Wheat

05/12/10  NASS to Release 2009 Chemical Use Data for Wheat

04/19/10  Hamer Named Chair of Agricultural Statistics Board

04/14/10  NASS to Resurvey Corn Producers in Dakotas Due to Late Harvest

02/25/10  NASS Announces Leadership Change on Agricultural Statistics Board

02/11/10  NASS Announces Weather-Related Delays

02/05/10  NASS to Release Horticulture Irrigation Data

01/26/10  NASS to Release Organic Survey Results

01/12/10  NASS Announces Release Dates for 2009 County Crop Estimates

01/12/10  NASS to Resurvey Corn, Soybean Producers in States with Late Harvests

12/30/09  NASS Changes Release Time of Dec. 31 Reports

12/23/09  NASS to Change Release Time for December 24 Peanut Prices Report

12/15/09  NASS To Extend National Crop Progress Reporting

12/10/09  NASS Changes Market Hogs and Pigs Weight Groups

12/08/09  NASS To Extend National Crop Progress Reporting

11/30/09  NASS Releases Farm and Ranch Irrigation Data

11/30/09  Additional Census Data Now Available for Specialty Crops

11/30/09  NASS To Extend National Crop Progress Reporting

11/10/09  NASS Updates 2009 Small Grains Estimates

11/06/09  NASS Expands Online Database

10/30/09  NASS Releases New Census of Agriculture Profiles

10/09/09  U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Down from 2007

10/01/09  NASS to Re-survey Unharvested Small Grains

08/21/09  NASS Announces Layout Change to ASB Reports

08/03/09  NASS to Release Farm Production Expenditures 2008 Summary

08/03/09 Census of Agriculture Data Available by ZIP Code

07/23/09  NASS Announces Change to Objective Yield Survey

07/22/09  NASS to Collect Additional Data on Corn, Sorghum Acreage

06/12/09  NASS to Release Census of Agriculture Data for American Indian Reservations

05/20/09  NASS to Release Census of Agriculture Data by Watershed

04/28/09  County-Level Cash Rent Data to be Released May 1

04/17/09  Dairy Products Prices Annual Summary to be Released May 28

03/12/09  Potato Stocks Report Released March 12

02/27/09  USDA-NASS to Release Trout Production Today

02/26/09  USDA-NASS Will Not Issue Trout Production Today

02/20/09  2008 Small Grains County Estimates

01/16/09  USDA-NASS Will Not Issue Farm and Ranch Safety Survey Today

12/17/08  USDA-NASS Reschedules Release of Dec. 26 Reports

12/09/08  Turkeys Raised Report to be Issued Annually

10/27/08  USDA to Issue Corrected Crop Production, WASDE Reports

10/10/08  U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Up From 2006

08/08/08  Aug. 12 Report to Estimate 2008 Corn, Soybean Production

06/19/08  NASS to Take Steps to Assess Crop Acres in Flood Areas

06/19/08  NASS Will Not Issue Special Report on Nonfat Dry Milk Prices

05/22/08  NASS Agricultural Chemical Usage Reports

05/22/08  NASS Issues Special Wheat Objective Yield Report

04/18/08  NASS Makes Changes to Cotton Objective Yield Survey

03/25/08  NASS Will Not Publish March 26 Postharvest Chemical Use Report

02/14/2008   NASS Changes Release Date for Corn, Soybean County Estimates

01/14/2008   NASS to Issue Results of Farm and Ranch Safety Survey

11/26/2007   NASS Changes Release Date for Next Week's Weather-Crop Summary

11/26/2007   NASS Issues Special North American Potato Report

10/12/2007   U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Down From 2005

7/24/2007   NASS to Update Winter Wheat Harvested Acreage

7/24/2007   NASS Issues Special Soybean Objective Yield Report

6/28/2007   NASS Releases Dairy Product Prices Special Report

6/13/2007   USDA to Release Report on Ethanol Co-Products Used for Livestock Feed

5/23/2007   NASS To Update Winter Wheat Forecast In June

5/14/2007  NASS Issues Special Corn Objective Yield Report

4/25/2007  NASS Changes Release Date for Floriculture Production Report

2/13/2007  USDA NASS Will Not Publish February 16 Farm Labor Report

1/03/2007  NASS To Change Release Date for January 3 Broiler Hatchery Report

11/17/2006  Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) Indicator Updated

10/13/2006  USDA to Release Weekly Peanut Price Information

10/12/2006  U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Up From 2004

10/04/2006  NASS to Release In-Shell Pecan Cold Storage Updates

10/03/2006  USDA-NASS to Release Crop Production Information

8/18/2006  Agricultural Prices 2005 Annual Summary Available

8/04/2006  Agricultural Prices Data Temporarily Unavailable

7/17/2006  Agricultural Prices Data Available Via "Quick Stats"

5/30/2006  NASS to Update Winter Wheat Forecast in June

12/16/2005  NASS to Publish Agricultural Chemical Usage Report Dec. 23

12/13/2005  NASS to Change Release Time for Dec. 23
Cattle on Feed Report

11/18/2005  Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) Indicator Updated

10/21/2005  NASS to Release U.S. and Canadian Hogs and Pigs Report

10/12/2005  U.S. Marketing Year Average Price of Cotton Down for 2004

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