Online Survey Response

Fill out NASS Surveys Online

Online survey response is convenient and secure.

Completing your survey online saves you time by allowing you to skip over questions that do not apply to you, by calculating totals automatically, and by providing drop-down menus for common answers. It also saves taxpayer dollars that would otherwise be spent on return postage and data entry.

If you have a Survey Code (what is a survey code?) and would like to respond online, please press continue.


Helpful Hints for Online Response

  • You will need to enter the 17-digit survey code located on the survey mailing label.
  • To save a partially completed survey, click “Save and Return Later.” Do not click the “Submit” button until you are sure you are finished with your survey.
  • After you submit your survey, you can choose to view your completed survey form. Using the options provided by your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.), you can print, copy, or save the completed form.
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Last Modified: 01/27/2016