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United States Department of Agriculture
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  2001 Agricultural Statistics Annual


PDF Files
PDF 152 k
Grain and feed
PDF 388 k
Cotton, tobacco, sugar, crops, and honey
PDF 326 k
Oilseeds, fats and oils
PDF 243 k
Vegetables and melons
PDF 292 k
Fruits, tree nuts, and horticultural specialties
PDF 395 k
Hay, seeds, and minor field crops
PDF 86 k
Cattle, hogs, and sheep
PDF 372 k
Dairy and poultry statistics
PDF 382 k
Farm resources, income, and expenses
PDF 271 k
Taxes, insurance, credit, and cooperatives
PDF 170 k
Stabilization and price-support programs
PDF 86 k
Agricultural conservation and forestry statistics
PDF 205 k
Consumption and family living
PDF 89 k
Fertilizers and pesticides
PDF 84 k
Miscellaneous agricultural statistics
PDF 232 k
Appendix I: Telephone contact list
PDF 10 k
PDF 76 k



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