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Arizona office of USDA-NASS

Current Survey Activites

Second Quarter 2015

April Surveys: The Quarterly Agricultural Labor Survey begins mid-month; this survey collects data about hired worker numbers, hours worked, and wages paid. The quarterly Milk Production Survey runs from the 1st through the 12th of April. The third Citrus Utilization Survey will be conducted in early April.

May Surveys: Monthly Agricultural Yield Surveys begin in May and continue through November. These yield surveys provide the first indications of production for small grains, cotton and hay. Data collection begins near the 28th of each month and continues into the first week of the following month. The Ag Resource Management Survey (ARMS I) will begin mid May and end in early July. This survey screens for farm activity during 2015 in preparation for the ARMS III Survey conducted in the spring of 2016. Pecan and Apple Surveys will run May 16th through the 30th.

June Surveys: The June Area Farm Survey and the Quarterly Agricultural Survey for acreage and on-farm grain stocks will begin in late May and continue through mid June. These surveys measure acres planted of most of the major crops grown in Arizona and the United States. Off Farm Grain Stocks and the Hog Report will also be conducted during this time frame.

Special Census Follow-On Surveys

TOTAL: This year, the Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agricultural Land (TOTAL) replaces the Agricultural Resource Management (ARMS) Phase III Survey. The data are used to accurately assess U.S. agricultural resource use, costs, and farm sector financial conditions. The information will help shape economic policy on both federal and local levels.

Organic: The Organic Survey is a project with USDA’s Risk Management Agency. The primary purpose of the Organic Survey is to collect price information at the commodity level along with acreage, production, and sales data for a variety of organic crop and livestock commodities. Other information gathered will include marketing and agricultural practices, insurance, and production expenses.

Horticulture: The 2014 Census of Horticulture covers all operations which produced and sold $10,000 or more of horticultural crop sales. Horticultural crops include bedding plants, potted flowering plants, cut flowers, cut cultivated florist greens, herbaceous perennials, foliage plants, trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines, fruit and nut trees, sod, dry bulbs, greenhouse produced vegetables, commercial vegetable transplants, vegetable and flower seeds, Christmas trees, short term woody crops, aquatic plants, unfinished or prefinished plants, propagation materials, and other nursery or greenhouse plants, excluding mushrooms and mushroom spawns. | | Economics, Statistics and Market Information System (ESMIS) | Site Map | Translate | | White House
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