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Arizona office of USDA-NASS

Other Links


Federal Government:
Statistics Canada
National Associations of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA)

Arizona State Government:
  Arizona Department of Agriculture
  List of Arizona State Government Agencies and Services
  Arizona at Your Service

Farm Organizations:
  Arizona Farm Bureau
  Agribusiness and Water Council of Arizona


  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  National Resources Inventory

  The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, USDA
  Arizona Cooperative Extension
  Maricopa Agricultural Center
  Rangelands West Partnership (rangeland mgmt info)
  U of A "Rangeview" website

  University of Arizona
  University of Arizona - College of Agriculture
  University of Arizona Dept. of Ag Economics
  Arizona State University
  List of Arizona State University Colleges
  ASU Morrison School of Agribusiness
  Northern Arizona University

Facts & Search Engines

  USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System
  State Fact Sheets from USDA/ERS
  U.S. Census Bureau
  NAICS - North American Industry Classification System
  Statistics from over 100 Federal Agencies

  National Agricultural Library
  AgNIC - Agricultural Network Information Center
  FIC - Farmland Information Center
  USDA Publications
  Library of Congress Homepage

Ag Search Engines:
  Arizona Crop Information Site (ACIS)

Maps & GIS:

  The National Atlas of the United States of America
  ERS/USDA Data - County Typology Codes

Foreign Agriculture:
  FAS - Foreign Agriculture Service
  U.S. Trade Imports

Rural Health:
  Rural Health Policy


Crops & Livestock:
  Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards

  CPCSWeb Data Collection Site
  Weekly Weather & Crop Bulletin
  National Weather Service
  National Climatic Data Center
  National Climatic Data Center Publications

Animal Health:
  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  Veterinary Services
  Food Safety and Inspection Service

  Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems

Organic & Alternate Agriculture:
  National Organic Program
  Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
  Agriculture Alternatives

  USDA Forest Service

Renewable Fuels:
  Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  Alternative Fuels Data Center
  The Energy Institute
  EPA - Clean Energy

Farm Labor:
  ERS/USDA Data - Farm and Farm-Related Employment
  Bureau of Labor Statistics


Financial Help / Farm Programs:
  USDA Online Service Center
  Farm Service Agency
  National Resources Conservation Service
  Wildlife Services
  Rural Business-Cooperative Service

Crop Insurance:
  Risk Management Agency
  Crop Insurance Education

  USDA Farmer Direct Marketing

  Agricultural Marketing Service
  Ag Marketing Service Market News
  Ag Marketing Service Dairy Page
  Livestock and Grain Market News

  ERS, Economic Research Service
  ERS Briefing Rooms - Ag analysis by subject area.
  ERS - Subject Specialist
  Ag Resource Management issues - Farm financial health
  Farm Income and Costs
  Bureau of Economic Analysis - U.S. economic indicators
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