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Table of Contents
Section Title Section Title
Cash Receipts Cash Receipts: All Commodities Vegetables, Melons, and Potatoes Summary
Cash Receipts: All Farm Commodities by County Head Lettuce Western
Farm Income Indicators Head Lettuce Other Spring
Government Payments / Value of Agricultural Exports Head Lettuce Other Fall and All
Balance Sheet of the Farming Sector Leaf Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce
Farm Numbers and Land in Farms Farm Numbers and Land in Farms Broccoli and Cauliflower
Livestock Summary 1995-1998 Dry Onions
Summary 1999-2001 Carrots
Records: Highs and Lows Honeydews Summary
Cattle Summary Honeydews Fall and All
Cattle and Calves Cantaloupes Spring
Cattle and Calves by County Cantaloupes Fall and All
Cattle on Feed Watermelons
Cattle Prices Potatoes
  Grazing Fees   Other Vegetables
Dairy Summary Other Vegetables Continued
Milk Cows Fruits and Nuts

Apples and Pecans

Milk Production Grapefruit
Goats Angora Goats and Mohair Lemons
Sheep Summary Valencia Oranges
Sheep and Lambs By County Navel, Sweet, and Miscellaneous Oranges
Sheep and Lambs and Wool All Oranges
Hogs Summary Tangerines
Hogs and Pigs Grapes
Meat Production Red Meat Production Other Fruits and Nuts
Cattle and Hog Slaughter County Summary Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Gila:Crops, Livestock, Cash Receipts
Sheep Slaughter Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Maricopa:Crops, Livestock, Cash Receipts
Honey Colonies and Production Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal:Crops, Livestock, Cash Receipts
Crops Summary Santa Cruz, Yavapai, Yuma:Crops, Livestock, Cash Receipts
Records: Highs and Lows Other Statistics Farm Labor
Field Crops Highlights Usual Planting and Harvesting Dates
Upland and Pima Cotton, Yield, Production and Value Upland and Pima Cotton - Varieties Planted
Upland Cotton by County Cotton Progress
American-Pima Cotton by County Cotton Running Bales Ginned and Produced
All Cotton by County Pesticide Use
Upland Cotton, Cottonseed Prices Chemical Applications on Lettuce
Durum Wheat, Other Wheat, and All Wheat: Yield, Production, and Value Weather Summary
Durum Wheat by County Temperatures
Other Wheat by County Precipitation
All Wheat by County Freeze Dates
Barley, Corn and Corn Silage: Yield, Production, and Value Land Ownership Land Ownership and Administration
Barley Acreage, Yield, and Production by County Price Reactions Cotton and Wheat
Corn Acreage, Yield, and Production by County Commodities Rank by States Commodities Rank by State General, Field Crops, Fruit
Grain Stocks Facilities and Hay Stocks Commodities Rank by State Vegetables, Livestock
All Hay, Alfalfa Hay, and Other Hay: Prices Received
Alfalfa Acreage, Yield, and Production by County
Other Hay Acreage, Yield, and Production by County
All Hay Acreage, Yield, and Production by County
Other Field Crops Acreage and Production