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Phoenix, Az 85003-1706

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____ 010 ARIZONA AGRI-WEEKLY--$20.00 per year (Foreign--$25.00)
    A 2-page release issued each Monday. Includes data on: temperatures and precipitation of selected locations; state weather summary; planting, harvesting and crop development progress; range and livestock pasture conditions.
____ 020 ARIZONA MONTHLY CROPS--$10.00 (Foreign--$12.50)
A 4-page report issued monthly around the 12th. Contains data on field crops, acreage, production, stocks; fruit crops production; vegetable acreage and production; prices received by farmers (duplicated in "Arizona Livestock"); other crops related items.
____ 030 ARIZONA MONTHLY LIVESTOCK--$10.00 (Foreign--$12.50)
A 4-page report issude monthly around the 3rd. Includes data on: cattle and calf inventory; cattle on feed; livestock slaughter; milk production; hog and pig inventory; sheep and lamb inventory; prices received by farmers (duplicated in "Arizona Crops").
____ 090 ARIZONA agricultural statistics--FREE
Annual summary bulletin of approximately 115 pages. Issued early fall. Historical five year series for all major crops, livestock and related data. Includes county data.

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