Florida Field Office Publications

Subscriptions to the following reports are available from FASS.  

Code	Title				Domestic	Foreign    

900	Florida Agricultural Statistical Directory 	$5.00		$10.00    

	Combined annual summary of vegetables, citrus, field
	crops, livestock, and poultry; annually in July

010	Field Crops (11 issues)		$10.00		$15.00    

	Monthly in-season field crops, sugarcane, and potatoes

020	Citrus & Tropical Fruits	$15.00		$25.00
	(22 issues)

	Monthly in-season production forecast, fruit maturity
	and size, weather damage reports, end-of-season production
	and value, Biennial Acres and Tree Inventory, Biennial
	Maturity Summary;  avocado, lime, and lemon reports;
	Annual Citrus Summary;  Biennial Tropical Fruit.

030	Vegetables (5 issues)		$6.00		$12.00

	In-season reports, acreage for harvest.

040	Livestock, Dairy & Poultry	$12.00		$20.00
	(16 issues)

	Livestock inventories, calf & pig crops, dairy production,
	cattle on feed, slaughter, layers, eggs, and hatch.

954	Broilers (52 issues)		$18.00		$30.00

	Weekly broiler type eggs set and chicks hatched.

955	Weather & Crop News  		$18.00		$30.00
	(52 issues)

	Weekly summary of condition of crops, pasture, and
	cattle, progress of peanut crop (in season); includes 
	weekly citrus harvested (in season).

060	Farm Labor (4 issues)		$5.00		$8.00

	Number of workers by type; wage rates by method of pay.

090	Prices & Cash Receipts		$10.00		$15.00
	(13 issues)

	Monthly prices received for farm commodities; annual 
	cash receipts from marketings.

Annual Summaries may be purchased separately:
(specify current issue or next issue)

	Florida Agricultural Facts		$5.00
	Citrus (February)			$3.00
	Both summaries				$7.00

Biennial Summaries:
(specify current issue or next issue)

	Citrus Acreage & Tree Numbers 		$3.00
	(December - even years)

	Citrus Historic Maturity & Yield	$3.00
	(September - odd years)

Checks must be drawn on a U.S. Bank, made payable to USDA/NASS.
Mail to:

	Florida Agricultural Statistics Service
	P.O. Box 530105
	Orlando, Florida  32853-9840

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