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Kansas agricultural statistics Service
Publications Subscription Form
National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA

Kansas agricultural statistics Service is a cooperative federal-state =
program involving
the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of =
Agriculture. Funding for
our reports comes from both sources.

This is a subscription form for state-level reports of the Kansas =
agricultural statistics
Service.  Use this form to order these weekly, monthly, and annual =
reports.  Publications
issued by this Field Office continue to be free to Kansas farmers and Kansas =
firms who provide the basic data for the reports and to cooperating USDA =
and Kansas
State agencies.  Others are required to pay an annual subscription fee =
as shown below in
order to recover postage and mailing costs.  Please answer the following =
designed to help us verify your status.

1. Do you operate a farm, ranch, or feedlot in Kansas?

    (   ) Yes                            (   ) No

Major County of Operation___________________

No. of acres in operation ____________________total

2. Do you buy farm products directly from Kansas farmers or sell them =
farm equipment or
   supplies at the retail level?

     (   )    Yes                        (   ) No

3. Do you represent a USDA or Kansas State agency?

    (   )    Yes                         (   ) No


If you checked "no" to all of these questions, you are required to pay =
an annual fee for certain
reports available from this Field Office.  The annual subscription fees are:

$12.00 Weekly Crop-Weather     	  $10.00 Livestock
$10.00 Crops                       $5.00 Hogs and Pigs
$10.00 Prices

Check the following reports that you would like to receive and enter the =
total amount due.

$_____________________ Total Amount.

Send check or money order payable to USDA/NASS AND this form to:

     Kansas agricultural statistics Service
     P.O. Box 3534
     Topeka, Kansas 66601-3534

***If you checked yes to any of the questions, you qualify for free =
   check the reports you would like to receive below AND send this order
   form to the same address listed above.


(   ) 901 WEEKLY CROP-WEATHER: Issued each Monday, March through =
November. Provides
      crop and weather information for previous week.

(   ) 910 CROPS: Issued monthly day of Crop Report.  Provides a summary =
of reports released
      including Acreage, Crop Production, Grain Stocks, Farm Income, =
Land Values, Exports,
      and Wheat Quality.

(   ) 911 PRICES:  Issued first of each month.  Provides selected State =
and U.S. mid-month
      averages of prices received and paid by farmers along with price =
indices.  Average prices
      received by farmers for wheat and sorghum grain are shown by =
agriculture statistics districts.

(   ) 942 LIVESTOCK: Issued monthly day of each Cattle on Feed Report.  =
Provides a summary of
      reports released including Cattle Inventory, Calf Crop, Cattle on =
Feed, Slaughter, Eggs,
      Chickens, Turkeys, Milk & Dairy products, Sheep and Wool.

(   ) 943 HOGS AND PIGS: Issued quarterly in December, March, June, and =
September.  Includes
      inventory numbers, pig crop, and sows to farrow.

other state entities):

(   ) 941 BLUESTEM PASTURE: Includes a summary of pasture rental rates; =
Issued in April

(   ) 995 AGRICULTURAL LAND VALUES: Includes information on land values =
in the State;
      Issued in April.

The following reports are also available free of charge, but are =
available only on the Internet.
They can be viewed and downloaded at http:\\

      CUSTOM RATES: Includes information about rates paid by Kansas =
farmers for custom
      work; Issued in January.

      FARM FACTS: State and County estimates of livestock, poultry, =
dairy, major crops, farm
      numbers and prices; Issued in September.

      WHEAT QUALITY: Includes county data on protein, test weight and =
grades; Issued in

      WHEAT VARIETIES: Includes information on varieties of wheat seeded =
in the State.
      Issued in February.


NAME: ____________________________________

FIRM NAME: ______________________________

STREET: __________________________________

CITY: _____________________________________

STATE______________ ZIPCODE___________

PHONE NUMBER ___________________________