USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service
Minnesota Field Office (Part of the Upper Midwest Regional Field Office)


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County Estimate data, historic and current, is available in the Quick Stats database and can be viewed or downloaded in a spreadsheet.
Barley (2014-2015)
Corn for Grain (2013-2014)
Corn for Silage (2013-2014)
Corn Thematic Maps
Dry Edible Beans (2013-2014)
Green Peas (2012-2013)
Hay, Alfalfa & Other (2013-2014)
Hay Thematic Maps
Oats (2014-2015)
Oats Thematic Maps
Potato (2011-2012)
Soybeans (2013-2014)
Soybeans Thematic Maps
Spring Wheat (2014-2015)
Spring Wheat Thematic Maps
Sugarbeets (2013-2014)
Sunflower (2013-2014)
Sweet Corn (2012-2013)
All Cattle, Beef Cows, Milk Cows, Cattle On Feed (2011-2012)
Hogs and Pigs (2011-2012)
Sheep and Lambs (2011-2012)
Cash Rent (2015-2016)
Cash Rent (2013-2014)
Cash Rent (2012-2013)

Last Modified: 12/30/2015