2009 Mississippi Ag Reports

Date Volume Contents
December 31, 200909-25Hogs and Pigs, Red Meat Production, Cotton Ginnings, Catfish Processing, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Catfish Imports and Exports, Poultry Slaughter, Chickens and Eggs, Price Highlights
December 14, 200909-24Cotton Area Harvested, Yield and Production, Cotton Ginnings, Cotton: Cumulative Boll Counts, Pecans: Utilized Production, Commercial Red Meat, Poultry Slaughtered, Corn: Marketing Year Average Prices, Upland Cotton & Rice Marketing, Price Highlights
November 25, 200909-23Farm Labor, Cotton Ginnings, Chicken & Eggs, Catfish Processing, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Prices Received, Upland Cotton & Rice Marketings,
November 12, 200909-22 Crop Acreage, Yield & Production, Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Soybeans: Acreage, Yield & Production, Cotton: Acreage, Yield & Production, Cotton Boll Counts, Cotton Ginnings, Cotton Marketing Year Average Prices, Cotton: Farm Marketings, Price Highlights
October 29, 200909-21Cotton Ginnings, Net Farm Income, Milk Production, Commercial Red Meat, Chicken & Eggs, Poultry Slaughtered, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Catfish Processing, Catfish Imports & Exports
October 16, 200909-20Crop Acreage, Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Sorghum Grain Marketing Year Prices, Soybean Marketing Year Prices, Cotton Ginnings, Pecans, Cash Receipts, Upland Cotton & Rice Marketings
September 30, 200909-19 Winter Wheat Acreage, Grain Stocks, Cotton Ginnings, Rick Stocks, Commercial Red Meat, Chicken & Eggs, Poultry Slaughtered, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Catfish Imports & Exports, Price Highlights
September 16, 200909-18Crop Acreage, Yield and Production, Cotton & Soybean Forecast, Peanuts: Area Harvested & Production, Cotton Cumulative Boll Counts, Chicken & Eggs, Poultry Slaughtered, Catfish Processed, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Price Highlights
August 25, 200909-17Farm Real Estate, Farm Production Expenditures, Catfish County Estimates, Farm Labor, Farm Computer Usage, Primary Method of Internet Access
August 13, 200909-16Crop Acreage, Yield & Production, Cotton and Soybean Forecast, Soybeans: Acreage & Production, Catfish Processed, Chicken & Eggs, Livestock County Estimates, Top Ten Counties Producing Cattle, Price Highlights
July 28, 200909-15Inventory by Size, Catfish Operations & Water Acres
July 13, 200909-14Winter Wheat: Area Harvested, and Production, Sweet Potatoes, Rice Average Yields, Soybean Biotechnology Varieties, Upland Cotton Biotechnology Varieties, Watermelons, Pecans: Production and Value, Catfish Processed, Poultry Slaughtered, Commercial Red Meat
July 2, 200909-13Soybeans Double Cropped, Grain Stocks, Sweet Potato Prices, Rice County Estimates, Cotton County Estimates, Cotton & Rice Marketings, Cotton Average Yields, Chicken & Eggs, Price Highlights
June 19, 200909-12Broilers: Production, Price, and Value, Cattle: Production and Income, Milk and Milkfat Production, Milk: Disposition and Income, Hogs and Pigs: Disposition and Income, Chicken: Sales and Value, Eggs: Production and Value, Price Highlights
May 28, 200909-11Farm Labor, Active Gins & Bales Produced, Chicken & Eggs, Catfish Processing, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Commercial Red Meat
May 14, 200909-10 Winter Wheat Production, Cotton: Cumulative Boll Counts, Cotton Average, Yield & Production, Hay Stocks, Fuel Prices Paid, Prices Paid for Feed, Prices Paid for Fertilizer, Prices Paid for Farm Equipment, Price Highlights
April 27, 200909-09Milk Cows and Production, Corn Average Yields, Soybean Average Yields, Sorghum Average Yields, Chicken & Eggs, Catfish Processing, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Commercial Red Meat
April 3, 200909-08Mississippi 2009 Prospective Plantings, Grain Stocks, Rice Stocks, Cotton Ginnings, Corn County Estimates, Top Ten Corn Producing Counties, Sorghum County Estimates, Sweetpotatoes, Poultry Slaughtered, Price Highlights
March 27, 200909-07Chicken Inventory, Cotton Ginnings, Chicken and Eggs, Catfish Processing, Soybean County Estimates, Wheat Average Yields, Commercial Red Meat
March 11, 200909-06 Cropland and Pasture Cash Rents, Milk Cows and Production, Cattle and Hog Prices, Livestock Slaughter Plants, Catfish Imports and Exports, Chicken and Eggs, Poultry Slaughtered, Price Highlights
March 2, 200909-05Honey, Farm Labor, Peanuts, Soybean and Rice Values, Wheat County Estimates, Cotton Price & Value of Production, Catfish Processing, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Commercial Red Meat
February 18, 200909-04Crop Values, Goats, Farm Numbers Economic Sales, Cattle & Calves, by Size Group, Commercial Red Meat, Sweet Potato & Rice Marketings, Price Highlights
February 5, 200909-03January Cattle Inventory, Cotton Ginnings, Watermelons, Pecans, Grade A Dairy, Chicken & Eggs, Catfish Feed Deliveries, Cotton & Rice Marketings, Catfish Imports & Exports
February 3, 200909-02Catfish Water Surface Usage, Catfish Value of Sales, Catfish Inventory, Percent Sold by Point of First Sale, Catfish Processed
January 16, 200909-012008 Mississippi Annual Crop Summary, Cotton Acreage & Production, Cotton Ginnings, Cottonseed Production, Winter Wheat Seedings, Corn Acreage Production, Grain & Rice Stocks, Hay Stocks, Poultry Slaughtered, Prices Paid for Feed