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Week Ending April 9, 2006

Agricultural Summary

Farmers made some progress with tillage, as most of the week was warm and dry, although reports indicate that many corn producers were waiting out expected rain before getting planters in the fields. The State averaged 4.9 days suitable for fieldwork. Forty-four percent of the ground intended for spring field crops has been worked at least once, 8 days behind last year and 2 days behind the 5-year average. Topsoil moisture supply rates 9 percent very short, 26 percent short, 62 percent adequate, and 3 percent surplus.

Field Crops Report

Corn planting is 16 percent complete, 4 days behind last year and 1 day behind the 5-year average of 19 percent. While much of the State waits for fields to dry and finishes tillage, very dry conditions in the southwest district have allowed rapid progress, with 64 percent of its intended corn acres planted. Of the largest corn producing districts, the southeast is the most advanced, with 46 percent planted. Very minimal sorghum acreage has been planted, with only 1 percent of the crop in the ground. Rice planting is off to a very rapid start in the Bootheel. Fifteen percent of expected acres have been planted, at least one week ahead of both last year and the 5-year average. The wheat crop is rated at 2 percent poor, 30 percent fair, 54 percent good, and 14 percent excellent.

Pasture & Livestock

Pasture condition is rated 9 percent very poor, 20 percent poor, 49 percent fair, 19 percent good, and 3 percent excellent. The southwest quarter of the State is reporting extreme dryness and very short stock water and hay supplies. Eighty percent of pastures in the same area are rated poor to very poor as drought conditions continue to retard normal growth.

Weather Summary

Missouri temperatures during the past week were 1 to 7 degrees above normal. Counties in the northern half of the State were generally on the upper end of that range. Rainfall was light for the week, averaging 0.30 inches for the State. Several northern counties recorded no rainfall or only trace amounts, while the Bootheel was the wettest area, averaging 0.66 inches.

Missouri Summary for Week Ending April 9, 2006
    This Year Last Year Normal    
Days Suitable For Fieldwork days 4.9 4.9 N/A    
Ground Worked , Spring Tillage % 44 59 46    
Corn Planted % 16 28 19    
Rice Planted % 15 6 2    
Sorghum Planted % 1 0 0    
    Very Short Short Adequate Surplus  
Topsoil Moisture Supply % 9 26 62 3  
    Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Winter Wheat Condition % 0 2 30 54 14
Pasture Condition % 9 20 49 19 3

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