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January 27, 2006

Missouri Goat Inventory Pegged at 75,600 Head

"Goat inventory continues to increase at a rapid rate," said Gene Danekas, Director of the USDA-Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service. "This is proving to be the fastest growing part of Missouri agriculture."

The second annual survey of Missouri goat producers revealed a total inventory of 75,600 goats and kids on hand as of January 1, 2006. The current inventory is up 8 percent over the revised 2005 estimate of 70,200 head, making the Missouri growth rate nearly twice that seen at the national level.

All meat/other goats made up the largest portion of the total inventory at 64,000 head, increasing from 60,000 last year. All milk goats came in at 9,900 head, while all angora goats totaled 1,700 head.

United States Total Goat and Kid Inventory Up 4 Percent

All goat inventory in the United States on January 1, 2006, totaled 2.83 million head, up 4 percent from 2005. Breeding goat inventory totaled 2.35 million head up 4 percent from 2005. All market goats and kids totaled 471,800 head, up 4 percent from a year ago.

Missouri Sheep and Lamb Inventory Up From Last Year

The January 1, 2006 inventory of all sheep and lambs in Missouri totaled 75,000 head, up 15 percent from January 1, 2005. The number of breeding sheep and lambs were up 14 percent to 65,500 head, while market sheep and lambs totaled 9,500 head, up from 7,500 head in 2005.

Of the total breeding sheep, 52,000 head were ewes one year old and older, up 11 percent from last year. Replacement lambs increased 25 percent from last year to 10,000 head.

Of the 9,500 market sheep and lambs, 500 head were market sheep and 9,000 head were market lambs. There were 3,000 lambs weighing less than 65 pounds, up from a year ago; 2,000 lambs in the 65-84 pound weight group, up from last year; 1,500 lambs in the 85-105 pound weight group, unchanged from last year; and 2,500 lambs over 105 pounds, up from last year.

The 2005 lamb crop, at 67,000 head, was up 12 percent from the 2004 lamb crop of 60,000 head. The 2005 lambing rate was 143 lambs per 100 ewes one year old and older on January 1, 2005, up from the 2004 lambing rate of 133.

Wool production in Missouri during 2005 totaled 435,000 pounds, up 16 percent from the 375,000 pounds produced in 2004. The number of sheep and lambs shorn, at 67,000 head, was up 10 percent from 61,000 a year earlier.

United States Total Sheep and Lamb Inventory Up 2 Percent

All sheep and lamb inventory in the United States on January 1, 2006, totaled 6.23 million head, up 2 percent from both 2005 and 2004. The inventory began increasing in 2005 and has shown two consecutive year to year increases for the first time since 1987 and 1988.