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March 9, 2006

2005 Missouri Crop County Estimates Available

Counties in the northwest part of Missouri led the state in soybean and corn production in 2005. Farmers in Nodaway County, the number one soybean producing county, produced 6.5 million bushels. Atchison County produced the highest soybean yield of 53 bushels per acre, ranking them second in total bushels produced at 6.3 million, while Nodaway yielded 51 bushels per acre. Atchison County topped corn producing counties, with 20.5 million bushels, followed by Saline and Nodaway. The top corn yields were recorded in Atchison (160 bu/ac), Scott (152 bu/ac) and New Madrid (150 bu/ac).

The 2005 county data for soybeans, corn, wheat and sorghum have been set and are available on the web. Data available includes acres planted, acres harvested, average yield and total production for all counties with significant production. Due to excessively dry conditions, the state average yields for row crops were down from the record setting previous year while some counties experienced increased yields. "The variation in the amount and timing that rain was received made significant differences in crop yields," stated Gene Danekas, Director of Missouri Agricultural Statistics. The estimates are a result of information collected from over 8,000 Missouri farmers. Current and previous years' data is available in the County Estimates section.

We are pleased to introduce a new feature of our website which provides a means to view the county estimates on a thematic map with rollover effects displaying additional data for any particular county. These maps not only give the viewer a visual presentation of data ranges but also display the acreage, yield and production for each county. The maps are available in the Charts and Maps section.

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