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February 28, 2011

St. Louis County Leads in Corn, Lafayette County Leads in Soybeans

(Columbia, MO) - The 2010 yields of corn, soybeans, and sorghum were released today showing where excellent crop yields were experienced during the past season. St. Louis County produced the largest average county corn yield at 159.5 bushels per acre on only 4,000 harvested acres, followed by New Madrid County at 157.2 bushels per acre. Atchison County led in total production with 18.8 million bushels produced, followed by Saline County with 18.5 million bushels produced. Nearly half the states production is concentrated in the northern 3 districts of the state with the Bootheel region adding another 15 percent.

Lafayette County led the state with an average soybean yield of 50.0 bushels per acre, while Audrain County led in total production of 7.45 million bushels from nearly 165,000 harvested acres. The Northwest region of Missouri was the leading region with soybean production of 41.2 million bushels, 19.6 percent of the state soybean crop.

Mississippi County produced the largest county wheat yield of 62.2 bushels per acre making them the largest wheat producing county in Missouri with 1.64 million bushels produced. Scott County had the second largest production at 1.53 million bushels. Mississippi and Scott counties produced over 25 percent of the states production. The Bootheel region of Missouri was the leading region with 6.55 million bushels of wheat, 52.0 percent of the state wheat crop.

The entire summary of 2010 Missouri county yields can be found on line at under the heading County Estimates.