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December 23, 2011

Missouri Hog and Pig Numbers Decrease 5 Percent from September
(COLUMBIA, MO)  - The December 1, 2011 inventory of hogs and pigs is estimated at 2.75 million head according to the USDA’s Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service.  “High corn prices have taken their toll on market hogs numbers in Missouri returning them to 2005 levels”, says Bob Garino, Acting Director.  “With another record setting litter rate at 10.55, Missouri records an impressive September to November pig crop of 1.95 million pigs.”  Breeding hogs are estimated at 355,000 head, 1 percent below the previous quarter with no change from last year.  Market hogs are estimated at 2.40 million head, 6 percent below September 1, 2011 and a 6 percent drop from a year earlier.
The September-November pig crop was estimated at 1.95 million head, up 8 percent from the same period a year earlier and down 2 percent from the June-August quarter.  Sows farrowed, at 185,000 sows, is down 5,000 from the previous quarter but up 5,000 from last year.  Pigs saved per litter, at 10.55 pigs, up .05 from last quarter and up .55 from earlier last year.
Missouri hog producers intend to farrow 185,000 sows during December-February, 10,000 head more than were actually farrowed during the same period a year earlier.  During March-May, producers also expect to farrow 175,000 sows, 10,000 head fewer than the actual farrowings in the comparable period a year earlier.

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