Montana Farmers to be Selected for Resource Management Practices Surveys
Released: May 2, 2013
For more information contact: Carmen Pennington or Eric Sommer at 1-800-835-2612.

Montana farmers will be asked to cooperate by answering a short telephone interview called the Agricultural Resource Management Survey or ARMS I. The results of this initial interview will be used to select a sample of growers who will be asked to report information on the financial state of agriculture in Montana.

The Integrated Screening Survey is voluntary, but your cooperation is needed to ensure that all producers are represented for this state and national study. Results from this survey will be utilized by a variety of groups including: farm and ranch operators, farm organizations, commodity groups, lenders, university researchers, news media, local USDA agencies, and farm suppliers. The data will be used to compute prices paid, evaluate the economic health of America's food producers, determine the need for farm assistance, measure the cost of farm production, and assess the ability for producers to maintain sustainable farms.

Interviews for the Agricultural Resource Management Survey will start mid-May and continue through mid-July 2013. As always, your response to this interview is confidential. We thank you for your help and cooperation.