Survey Provides an Objective Measurement of Wheat Yields During Growing Season
Released: May 2013
For more information contact: Thomas Chard or Eric Sommer at 1-800-835-2612.
USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will be conducting the Wheat Objective Yield Survey in the 10 major wheat producing States beginning May 20th. Selected producers will be asked to participate in the survey. Field enumerators will lay out two small sample plots in one or more of their fields. The sample plots will be visited once a month, through the growing season, to count the number of stocks and clip a few heads for lab analysis. The results of the Wheat Objective Yield Survey will be used to estimate winter wheat yields in Montana and at the national level.

The Wheat Objective Yield Survey is voluntary, but your cooperation is needed to ensure that all producers are represented in Montana. Results from this survey will be utilized by a variety of groups including: farm and ranch operators, farm organizations, commodity groups, lenders, university researchers, news media, local USDA agencies, and farm suppliers.

The Wheat Objective Yield Survey will start in late May and continue through the 2013 growing season. As always, your response to this interview is confidential. We thank you for your help and cooperation.