Montana and U.S. Livestock Operations 1997-2002
Released: January 31, 2007
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The final estimates for all livestock operations for 1997 to 2002 are now available, according to the Montana Agricultural Statistics Service. The publication contains any changes in number of operations for cattle, beef cows, milk cows, hogs, and sheep for 1997 to 2002. Montana had mostly minor revisions to the number of operations for all cattle and sheep. You can find the final estimates for all livestock on our website

The final estimates for the United States were also published and are available on the NASS website . Data included in this publication provide a historic record and a benchmark for current estimates. Revisions were made after a thorough review of the original survey data and all additional data now available, including the 2002 Census of Agriculture. Other data series considered included United States Department of Agriculture farm program administrative records, shipment records, exports, and quantity processed information. The Agricultural Statistics Board evaluated the current livestock operations with historic totals to ensure comparability with past Census relationships. Number of operations, inventory by size group estimates for cattle, and sheep inventory was compared to historic totals for evaluating ending stocks. The 1998-2002 estimates are considered final and will not be revised again.