Livestock Estimates for 1993-1997
Released: January 22, 1999
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The livestock estimates were reviewed by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) for the1993 through 1997 production years. Revisions were made after a thorough review of the original survey data and all additional available data including the 1997 Census of Agriculture. The Agricultural Statistics Board evaluated the current numbers with historic values to ensure comparability with past Census relationships. These estimates are considered final and will not be revised again. The revisions were released January 19, 1999 and are also available on the NASS Homepage at

Montana's cattle inventory estimates were unchanged from previous estimates. Slight adjustments in class estimates were made, but the total and beef cow inventories remained the same. Nationally, estimates of all cattle and calf crop were changed less than one percent. The 1998 U.S. cattle inventory was increased to 99.744 million head, up from 99.501 head. The U.S. 1997 calf crop was changed to 38.961 million from 38.718 million head.

The 1998 sheep and lambs inventory for Montana was adjusted upward by 5,000 head to 415,000 head, other years were not changed. Sheep shorn and wool production was changed as follows: 1995 head shorn from 468,000 to 458,000, wool production from 5,428,000 to 5,311,000 pound; 1996 head shorn from 434,000 to 419,000, wool production from 3,901,000 to 3,727,000 pounds; 1997 head shorn from 402,000 to 387,000, wool production from 3,851,000 to 3,668,000 pounds. At the National level, revisions to estimates of sheep inventories and lamb crops were less than three percent. The January 1997 inventory was changed to 7.825 million from 7.616 million head and the 1997 lamb crop was changed from 5.245 million to 5.356 million lambs.