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Contact:  Marisa Reuber
Tuesday, June 10, 2008



New York maple syrup 2008 production increased 44 percent from last year’s production.  Syrup production is estimated at 322,000 gallons, up from the 224,000 gallons produced in 2007 according to Stephen Ropel, Director of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, New York Field Office.  Only Vermont produced more syrup than New York.  The number of taps, 1.48 million, increased slightly from last year. Syrup produced per tap averaged 0.218 gallons, up from 0.152 gallons in 2007.  The final value of the 2007 crop is $7.50 million, 7 percent below the previous year’s value of production.  The average price was $33.50 per gallon equivalent for all sales.

Sugar content this year was high across the State and sap quality was excellent.  Medium syrup accounted for 46 percent of production, with 42 percent light and 12 percent dark.  Producers in the North Country reported a below average season with extended cold weather followed by a quick warm up.  Elsewhere around the state, producers experienced outstanding weather and good sap flow.

The 2008 U.S. maple syrup production totaled 1.64 million gallons, up 30 percent from 2007. The number of taps is estimated at 7.46 million, up 2 percent from the 2007 total of 7.29 million, while the yield per tap is estimated to be 0.219 gallons, up 27 percent from the previous season. Vermont led all States in production with 500,000 gallons, an increase of 11 percent from 2007. Production in Maine, at 215,000 gallons, decreased 4 percent from last season.