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Pennsylvania office of USDA-NASS

Current Survey Activities

The Pennsylvania Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service will be conducting the following surveys in the upcoming months:


06-16 USDA Surveying Cattle Operations

05-21: USDA/NASS to Conduct Annual Mushroom Survey

05-07: June Hogs and Pigs Survey News Release

05-05: June Survey News Release

02-17: 2015 Prospective Plantings Press Release


10-23: USDA To Collect Final 2014 Crop Production

07-18: USDA to Measure Small Grain Production

03-10: USDA to Survey Farmers About Hired Labor

02-05: USDA to Survey Farmers' Planting Intentions for 2014

01-31: USDA to Survey Floriculture Operations


08-12: USDA to Survey Small Grains Farmers



12-19: Ag Census Begins for Pennsylvania Farmers

11-30: USDA to Survey Sheep & Goat Producers

11-06: USDA to Collect Final 2012 Crop Inventories

05-11: USDA/NASS to Conduct Annual Mushroom Survey

03-19: USDA to Interview Certified Organic Growers

03-19: USDA to Measure Farmers' Small Grain Yields



12-09: NASS to Measure the Economic Well-Being of Farms

11-01: NASS Visits PA Farmers for Conservation Survey

10-18: USDA to Conduct Year-End Agricultural Survey

08-26: USDA to Study Farmers' Production Practices

07-20: USDA to Focus on Small Grains Production

07-01: USDA to Survey Beef Feedlot Health Mgmt Practices

04-28: USDA Surveys to Provide Insight on Ag Outlook

04-22: NASS to Conduct Annual Mushroom Survey

03-14: USDA to Measure Farmers' Small Grain Yields

01-19: USDA to Survey Farmers' Planting Intentions for 2011


Detailed information on these surveys is included in the release. We depend on the voluntary cooperation of farmers and other agricultural producers in all these studies. Please help us let Pennsylvania growers know about these upcoming surveys in your meetings, publications, or broadcasts. When growers are better informed about the importance of these studies, we hope to get a better response which translates into high quality and accurate agricultural statistics.

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