Farmily Fun

Pennsylvania's Agriculture Activity Book

~ Table of Contents (Updated 2/2007) ~

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Farmily Fun! - Pennsylvania's Agriculture Activity Book Cover

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Information regarding free educational materials on the Internet.

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Activity Book Introduction - What do you think when you hear the word 'agriculture' ?

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Farm Scramble - Unscramble the words to reveal a farm word.

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Barnyard Fun - Draw a line from each baby animal to its mother.

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Color the fruits grown in Pennsylvania.

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Make a Graph! - make a bar chart using Pennsylvania crop acres.

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Got Milk? - Pick which cow is different.

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Agricultural Crossword Puzzle

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Fruits & Vegetables - Draw a line from the word to the picture.

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Taking a Survey - Count the animals and crops on the map.

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Count the Chicks - How many chicks are hatching?

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Matching - Match the products in column 1 with the animal or crop they came from in column 2.

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Connect the Dots - connect the dots to make a picture.

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Make an Animal Puppet! - Color the drawings, cut them out, and glue a pop stick to the back.

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It's Feeding Time - Help the cow find her way to the barn.

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How many words can you make from the letters in the word 'agriculture'.

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Computer Kool! - Find computer words in a word find puzzle.

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Scrambled! - Unscramble the words to name a Pennsylvania product.

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Meet Stanley Statistician - Learn what a Statistician does; perform some math problems.

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Farmers' Markets - Unscramble the words to name goodies that can be bought at a farmers' market.

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Kids Jokes - Farm related kids jokes.

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Farm Quiz - 20 questions related to agriculture in Pennsylvania.

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Trivia Quiz - 8 trivia questions related to agriculture.

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Farm to color.

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Don't grain on my parade! - Word find.

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First Letter Game - write first letter of each word to answer question.

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Circle or Square! - Draw a circle around the fruits and a square around vegetables.

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Did 'ya know? - Pennsylvania information.

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Cheese Qwiz! - Name as many cheeses as you can.

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Draw a Pennsylvania crop.

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Homemade Butter - Recipe for homemade butter.

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Answer Key - answers to games and puzzles.

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Marketplace for the Mind - agricultural educational resource.

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Thank you to PA farmers.