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Pennsylvania office of USDA-NASS


NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.


08/21/2015 Mushroom Production

08/21/2015 Red Meat Production - July 2015

08/19/2015 Pennsylvania Milk Production - July 2015

08/17/2015 Pennsylvania August Crop Forecast

08/07/2015 2014 Farm Production Expenditures

08/05/2015 Fruit Chemical Use Survey

07/31/2015 September AG Survey

07/23/2015 June Red Meat

07/22/2015 Pennsylvania Milk Production - June 2015

07/22/2015 Northeastern Region Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts 2014 Summary

07/21/2015 Pennsylvania Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts 2014 Summary

07/13/2015 Northeastern Region Crop Production

07/07/2015 Grain Stocks

07/07/2015 Northeastern Region Acreage Report - Revised

06/29/2015 Quarterly Hogs and Pigs

06/26/2015 May Red Meat

06/25/2015 Pennsylvania Cherry Production

06/19/2015 Northeastern Floriculture Crops Report

06/19/2015 May Milk Production

06/11/2015 Maple Syrup 2015

05/22/2015 Livestock Slaughter

05/20/2015 April Milk Production

05/13/2015 2014 Crop Production

05/05/2015 Milk Cash Receipts

05/05/2015 Meat Animals Cash Receipts

05/04/2015 Dairy Products

04/28/2015 Livestock Slaughter 2014

04/24/2015 Livestock Slaughter 2014 Summary

04/24/2015 March 2015 Livestock Slaughter

04/22/2015 March Milk Production

04/01/2015 Prospective Plantings

03/30/2015 Quarterly Hogs and Pigs

03/25/2015 Livestock Slaughter

03/24/2015 April Labor Press Release

03/23/2015 Honey Production

03/20/2015 Honey Production - 2014 Summary

03/19/2015 Milk Production

03/09/2015 Trout Production

03/06/2015 Trout Production - 2014 Summary

03/04/2015 Chickens and Eggs

02/27/2015 Chicken and Eggs 2014 Summary

02/25/2015 2014 Annual Milk Production

02/25/2015 Crop Values 2014 National Summary

02/23/2015 Milk Production

02/20/2015 Milk Production 2014 National Report

02/20/2015 Livestock Slaughter

02/20/2015 Farms and Land in Farms 2014 National Summary

02/20/2015 2014 Farms and Land in Farms

02/18/2015 Cattle Inventory

02/17/2015 2015 Prospective Plantings Press Release

02/09/2015 Sheep and Goats Inventory

02/04/2015 Northeastern Region 2014 Cattle Inventory Summary

02/04/2015 Northeastern Region 2014 Sheep and Goats Inventory Summary

02/04/2015 2014 Vegetable Production Summary

01/28/2015 2014 Fruit Production Preliminary Summary

01/23/2015 Red Meat Production December 2014

01/22/2015 December 2014 Milk Production

01/20/2015 Tillage Practices

01/15/2015 2014 Field Crop Summary

01/14/2015 Northeastern Region 2014 Crop Production Report

01/09/2015 Organic Survey News Release


12/30/2014 Northeastern Region Hog Report

12/23/2014 Nov 2014 Pennsylvania Egg Production

12/22/2014 Nov 2014 Pennsylvania Milk Production

12/17/2014 Total Arms News Release

12/10/2014 Sheep & Goat Operations Press Release

12/04/2014 2015 Milk Production Press Release

12/04/2014 Census of Horticulture Press Release

11/21/2014 October Red Meat Production

11/20/2014 October 2014 Milk Production

11/10/2014 November Crop Production

10/24/2014 September Red Meat Production

10/22/2014 September 2014 Chicken and Egg Production

10/22/2014 September 2014 Milk Production

10/20/2014 Pennsylvania October Crop Production

10/09/2014 2014 Small Grain Acreage

10/01/2014 2014 Third Quarter Hog Release

09/30/2014 August Red Meat Production

09/29/2014 August 2014 Chicken and Egg Production

09/08/2014 August 2014 Milk Production

09/22/2014 2013 Potato Production

09/16/2014 September Crop Forecast

08/22/2014 PA Annual Dairy Products 2013

09/08/2014 Vegetable Production

08/26/2014 July Chicken and Egg Production

08/22/2014 Mushroom Production News Release

08/22/2014 July Red Meat Production

08/21/2014 July Milk Production

08/18/2014 Farm Production Expenditures

08/15/2014 August Crop Forecast

07/30/2014 June Red Meat Production

07/25/2014 Pennsylvania Milk Production - 2nd Quarter 2014

07/24/2014 Northeast Region Milk Production - June 2014

07/16/2014 June Acreage 2014 - Revised

07/15/2014 Crop Production 2014

07/14/2014 Floriculture 2014

07/02/2014 Tillage Practices 2014

06/27/2014 Second Quarter Hog Inventory 2014

06/12/2014 Northeastern Maple Syrup Production June 2014

06/11/2014 Northeastern Regional Winter Wheat Production June 2014

05-02 2012 Census Profiles Pennsylvania Farmers & Agriculture

04-24 Annual Red Meat Production 2013

04-09 February Milk Production

04-09 January Milk Production

04-01 March 1 Hog & Pig Inventory

03-31 March Field Crop Acreage Intentions

03-31 2013 Fresh Market Vegetable Production

03-27 2013 Trout Production

03-04 Pennsylvania Egg Production

02-20:Preliminary 2012 Census Results Provide a Snapshot of Pennsylvania Agriculture

02-04:December Milk Production

02-04:November Milk Production

02-04:October Milk Production

02-04:September Milk Production

01-16:Tillage Practices

01-13:2013 Crop Production

01-09:December Hog and Pig Inventory


11-08:November Crop Production

10-21:2012 Potato Production

10-18:August Red Meat Production

10-18:September Hog and Pig Inventory

09-30:Small Grain Production

09-27:July Milk Production

09-27:August Milk Production

09-27:August Egg Production

09-23:September Apple Cold Storage

09-12:September Yield Forecast

08-23:July Red Meat Production

08-22:August Apple Cold Storage

08-20:Mushroom Production

08-12:August Crop Forecast

08-05:Farm Production Expenditures

07-29:June Red Meat Production

07-29:July Milk Production

07-22:July Apple Cold Storage

07-11:Small Grain Production

07-02:June Grain Stocks

07-01:Tillage Practices

07-01:June Acreage

07-01:June Hog and Pig Inventory

06-26:June Milk Production

06-21:June Apple Cold Storage

06-13:Winter Wheat Production

06-12:2013 Maple Syrup Production

06-11:May Milk Production

06-11:April Milk Production

05-23:April Egg Production

05-22:May Apple Cold Storage

05-14:May Crop Production

05-03:Floriculture Statistics

05-02:March Egg Production

05-02:February Egg Production

04-22:April Apple Cold Storage

04-02:March Grain Stocks

03-29:March Hog and Pig Inventory

03-28:Prospective Plantings

03-22:March Milk Production

03-22:March Apple Cold Storage

03-19:2012 Honey Production

03-01:January Red Meat Production

03-01:January Egg Production

03-01:Annual Egg Production

02-27:2012 Trout Production

02-26:February Milk Production

02-22:February Apple Cold Storage

02-01:January Milk Production

02-01:Jan 1, 2013 Goat Inventory

02-01:Jan 1, 2013 Sheep Inventory

02-01:Cattle Inventory Unchanged

01-31:2012 Vegetable Production

01-28:2012 Fruit Production - Preliminary

01-23:December Egg Production

01-22:January Apple Cold Storage

01-14:2012 Crop Production

01-14:Tillage Practices

01-14:December Grain Stocks

01-02:December Hog and Pig Inventory

01-02:November Egg Production


12-26:December Milk Production

12-21:November Red Meat Production

12-21:December Apple Cold Storage

11-30:October Egg Production

11-21:November Apple Cold Storage

11-20:November Milk Production

11-09:November Crop Production

10-24:September Egg Production

10-22:October Milk Production

10-22:October Apple Cold Storage

10-11:October Crop Production

10-05:September Hog & Pig Inventory

09-28:September Grain Stocks

09-28:Turkey Production

09-28:Small Grain Production

09-26:July Egg Production

09-26:2011 Potato Production

09-26:August Egg Production

09-21:September Cold Storage

09-21:September Milk Production

09-12:September Yield Forecast

08-22:August Cold Storage

08-20:Mushroom Production

08-10:August Fruit Report

08-10:August Crop Forecast

07-27:June Egg Production

07-23:July Milk Production

07-23:July 1 Cattle Inventory

07-20:July Cold Storage

07-20:June Red Meat Production

07-11:Small Grain Production

07-06:2011 Fruit Production

06-29:Tillage Practices, Revised 8/3/12

06-29:June Hog & Pig Inventory

06-29:June Grain Stocks

06-29:June Acreage

06-28:2012 Tart Cherry Production

06-25:May Egg Production

06-22:June Cold Storage

06-22:May Red Meat Production

06-18:June Milk Production

06-13:Winter Wheat Production

06-12:2012 Maple Syrup Production

05-29:April Red Meat Production

05-24:April Egg Production

05-23:May Milk Production

05-22:May Cold Storage

05-10:May Crop Production

04-24:March Egg Production

04-23:2011 Annual Red Meat Production

04-20:April Cold Storage

04-20:March Red Meat Production

04-19:April Milk Production

04-05:2011 Honey Production

04-02:March Grain Stocks

04-02:March Hog & Pig Inventory

03-30:Prospective Plantings

03-28:March Milk Production

03-23:February Red Meat Production

03-23:February Egg Production

03-22:March Cold Storage

03-15:2011 Fruit Production-Preliminary

03-06:January Red Meat Production

03-02:2011 Trout Production

03-01:Annual Egg Production

03-01:January Egg Production

02-22:February Cold Storage

02-21:February Milk Production

02-06:January 1, 2012 Cattle Inventory

01-30:January Milk Production

01-30:Jan 1, 2012 Goat Inventory

01-30:Jan 1, 2012 Sheep Inventory

01-26:2011 Vegetable Production

01-25:December Egg Production

01-20:January Cold Storage

01-13:December Grain Stocks

01-12:2011 Crop Production

01-03:December Hog and Pig Inventory

01-03:November Red Meat Production

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