Columbia, S.C., August 12, 2002: Extreme drought conditions kept crop prospects down on SOUTH CAROLINA'S farms. Based on crop conditions as of August 1, 2002, yield per acre for all major crops was expected to be down from last year. The drought status was upgraded to extreme in July for 39 out of 46 counties. The 7 counties in the Low Country which remained at the severe drought level were helped by some rains in June and July.

CORN production in 2002 is expected to total 12.2 million bushels, down 53 percent from last year. Expected yield per acre is estimated at 42 bushels. This is down 66 bushels from last year's record high of 108 bushels per acre. Acreage for harvest as grain, at 290,000, is up 50,000 from 2001.

SOYBEAN production in 2002 is expected to total 7.7 million bushels, down 18 percent from last year's 9.5 million bushels. Expected yield per acre of 18 bushels is down 4 bushels from a year ago. Acreage for harvest, at 430,000, is unchanged from 2001.

FLUE-CURED TOBACCO production as of August 1, is forecast at 62.0 million pounds. This is down 21 percent from last year's production, and down 7 percent from last month. Yield per acre of 2,000 pounds is down 450 pounds from last year and down 150 from July forecast. Acreage for harvest, at 31,000, is down 1,000 acres from 2001.

COTTON production is forecast at 310,000 bales - down 27 percent from last year. The August 1 yield per acre is expected to average 504 pounds, down 182 pounds from last year, while acreage for harvest, at 295,000, is down 1,000 acres from 2001. Planted acreage in 2002 totaled 300,000 acres, unchanged from last year.

PEANUT production is forecast at 27.3 million pounds, down 11 percent from last year's production. Yield per acre, at 2,600 pounds, is down 400 pounds from 2001. Acreage for harvest, at 10,500 is up 300 acres from 2001. Planted acres at 11,000, is unchanged from 2001.

Corn 8.89 Bil. Bu 93%   Sorghum 380 Mil. Bu.   74%
Soybeans 2.63 Bil. Bu. 91%   Peanuts 4.11 Bil. Lbs.   96%
Tobacco, F.C. 534 Mil. Lbs. 92%   Hay 153 Mil.Tons   97%
Cotton, Upland 17.8 Mil. Bales 91%   Oats 143 Mil. Bu.   122 %

For additional information call:

Robert A. Graham, State Statistician

James S. Peele, Agricultural Statistician