Columbia, S.C., September 12, 2002: Based on September 1 conditions, the yields for corn, cotton, peanuts and tobacco were projected to be down from the previous month's forecast, while soybeans were unchanged, the South Carolina Agricultural Statistics Service announced today.

CORN production in 2002 is expected to total 10.2 million bushels, down 17 percent (2.0 million bushels) from last month, and down 61 percent (15.8 million bushels) from last year. Expected yield per acre of 35 bushels is down 7 bushels from the August forecast and down 73 bushels from 2001. Acreage for harvest as grain, at 290,000, is up 50,000 acres from 2001.

FLUE-CURED TOBACCO production, as of September 1, is forecast at 58.9 million pounds. This is down 5 percent from last month's forecast and down 25 percent from last year's production of 78.4 million pounds. Yield per acre of 1,900 pounds is down 100 pounds from last month, and is 550 pounds below last year. Acreage for harvest, at 31,000, is unchanged from last month but down 1,000 acres from a year ago.

SOYBEAN production this year is forecast at 7.7 million bushels, unchanged from last month but down18 percent from last year. Expected yield per acre of 18 bushels is unchanged from the August estimate, but down 4 bushels from a year ago. Acres for harvest, at 430,000, is unchanged from a year ago.

COTTON production in 2002 is forecast at 300,000 bales - down 10,000 bales from last month, and down 123,000 bales from last year. Yield per acre is expected to average 503 pounds, down 1 pound from the August forecast but 183 pounds below 2001 yield. Acreage for harvest, at 286,000 acres, is down 10,000 from 2001.

PEANUT production is forecast at 22.1 million pounds - down 19 percent from last month and down 28 percent from a year ago. Yield per acre, at 2,100 pounds is down 500 pounds from August and 900 pounds below the 2001 yield. Acreage for harvest, at 10,500, is up 300 acres from last year.


Corn 8.85 Bil. Bus. 93 %   Sorghum 384 Mil. Lbs. 75 %
Soybeans 2.66 Bil. Bus. 92 %   Peanuts 3.82 Bil. Lbs. 89 %
Tobacco, F.C. 522 Mil. Lbs 90 %   Cotton, Upland 17.5 Mil. Bales 89 %

For additional information call:

Robert A. Graham, State Statistician

James S. Peele, Agricultural Statisitician