Columbia, S.C., November 12, 2002: Based on November 1 conditions, SOUTH CAROLINA'S 2002 expected yields for cotton and soybeans are down from the previous month. Yield for corn is unchanged from October 1, but peanut yields are expected to increase from last month if weather conditions are favorable, according to the South Carolina Agricultural Statistics Service.

Expected COTTON production as of November 1 dropped to 180,000 bales, down 40,000 bales from October and down 243,000 bales from last year. Acres for harvest, at 286,000, are down 10,000 acres from last year. The 2002 yield is expected to average 302 pounds per acre - down 67 pounds from last month and down 384 pounds from 2001.

CORN production in 2002 is expected to total 10.2 million bushels, unchanged from the October forecast, but down 15.8 million bushels from last year's production. Expected yield per acre of 35 bushels is unchanged from October, but 73 bushels per acre below last year's all time record high. Acres for harvest, at 290,000, are up 50,000 acres from a year ago.

Only about 20 percent of the SOYBEAN harvest was completed by November 1, but assuming favorable weather conditions, 2002 production is expected to total 7.3 million bushels, down 6 percent from last month and down 17 percent from 2001. Expected yield, at 17 bushels per acre, is down 1 bushel from the October forecast, and down 4 bushels from last year. Acres for harvest, at 430,000, are up 10,000 from 2001.

PEANUT production is forecast at 24.2 million pounds - up 5 percent from last month, but down 21 percent from last year. The expected yield per acre of 2,300 pounds is up 100 pounds from last month, but down 700 pounds from last year. Acres for harvest, at 10,500, is unchanged from last month but up 300 acres from last year.


Corn 9.00 Bil. Bu. 95 % Hay 150 Mil. Tons 96 %
Soybeans 2.69 Bil. Bu. 93 % Peanuts 3.51 Bil. Lbs. 82 %
Cotton, Upland 17.2 Mil. Bales 88 %

For additional information call:

Robert A. Graham, State Statistician

James S. Peele, Agricultural Statistician