Columbia, S.C., April 25, 2003: Total cash receipts from marketings of milk in SOUTH CAROLINA during 2002 was $48.7 million, down 19 percent from the $60.1 million marketed in 2001.

Total milk production was 364.0 million pounds, down 1 percent from the previous year. The average price per 100 pounds for milk decreased from $16.50 in 2001 to $13.50 in 2002.

Cash receipts in the UNITED STATES from marketings of milk during 2002, at $20.5 billion, was 17 percent below 2001. Producer returns averaged $12.19 per hundredweight, 19 percent below 2001. Marketings totaled 169 billion pounds, 3 percent above 2001. Marketings include whole milk sold to plants and dealers as well as milk sold directly to consumers.

Milk production increased 3 percent in 2002 to 170 billion pounds. The rate per cow, at 18,571 pounds, was 412 pounds above 2001. The annual average number of cows on farms, at 9.14 million head, was 27,000 head more than 2001.

An estimated 1.14 billion pounds of milk were used on farms where produced, 6 percent less than 2001. Calves were fed 86 percent of this milk with the remainder consumed in producer households.

For additional information call:

Robert G. Graham, State Statistician

James S. Peele, Agricultural Statistician