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Texas office of USDA-NASS

Crop Progress & Condition

NOTE: Some of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF).  If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.


Current Report

The weekly Crop Progress & Condition Report includes degree days, temperature, precipitation, crop planting progress, crop development and harvesting progress.  This report is issued weekly.

Click here for the Crop Progress & Condition report.

Previous Reports

Week Ending
August 31  
24 tx-cw3314
17 tx-cw3214
10 tx-cw3114
3 tx-cw3014
July 27 tx-cw2914
20 tx-cw2814
13 tx-cw2714
6 tx-cw2614
June 29 tx-cw2514
22 tx-cw2414
15 tx-cw2314
8 tx-cw2214
1 tx-cw2114
May 25 tx-cw2014
18 tx-cw1914
11 tx-cw1814
4 tx-cw1714
April 27 tx-cw1614
20 tx-cw1514
13 tx-cw1414
6 tx-cw1314
March 30 tx-cw1214
23 tx-cw1114
16 tx-cw1014
9 tx-cw0914
2 tx-cw0814
February 23 tx-cw0714
16 tx-cw0614
9 tx-cw0514
2 tx-cw0414
January 26 tx-cw0314
19 tx-cw0214
12 tx-cw0114

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