PR-151-14   Small Grains (wheat),  9-30-2014:  pdf

PR-141-14   Wheat Production,  8-12-2014:  pdf

Percent of Wheat Acres Seeded for 2014:  pdf

PR-136-14   July Crop Production (wheat),  7-11-2014:  pdf

PR-120-14   June Crop Production (wheat),  6-11-2014:  pdf

PR-122-14   May Crop Production (wheat),  5-9-2014:  pdf

PR-100-14   Annual Crop Production (& Winter Wheat Seeding),  1-10-2014:  pdf

2014 Wheat Variety Survey Results (Texas A & M):  pdf

2012 Wheat Variety Survey Results:  pdf

2010 Wheat Variety Survey Results:  pdf

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