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Texas office of USDA-NASS

Custom Rates Statistics

NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.

You can view the entire bulletin, cover to cover, or by section as shown in the table of contents.

Area Map,   page 1

Preface,   page 2

Tractor Rental,   page 3

Haying and Silage Operations,   page 4

Land Tillage Operations,   page 9

Fertilizer and Lime Applications,   page 14

Chemical Applications,   page 15

Planting Operations,   page 17

Combining and Hauling Grains,   page 20

Hauling Grains,   page 23

Cotton Harvesting,   page 24

Peanut Harvesting, Hauling and Drying,   page 25

Land Preparation, Brush Control and Other Farm or Ranch Operations,   page 26

Livestock Operations,   page 31

Cattle Hauling,   page 34

Miscellaneous Livestock Operations,   page 36

Survey Methods,   page 38

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