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Utah office of USDA-NASS

Annual Statistical Bulletin

NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.

2007 Utah Annual Statistics Bulletin

The Utah Annual Statistics Bulletin is a historical five year series for all major crops, livestock and related data. It also includes county data. This publication is issued annually each fall in cooperation with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

Individual files listed below or download the entire 2007 Annual Bulletin here (114 page PDF).

Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Annual Report


Table of Contents

State Summary:
Utah's Rank in the National Agriculture
Record Highs and Lows
Number of Farms and Land in Farms
Farm Income

Crop Summary

Crop Progress (Oats, Barley, Wheat, Corn, Alfalfa)

Planting and Harvesting Dates

Field Crops:
Hay (Alfalfa, Other, All, and Stocks)
Small Grains (Wheat, Barley, and Oats)
Corn (Grain and Silage)
Dry Beans
Grain Stocks (Wheat, Barley, Oats, and Corn)



Cattle & Calves:
Cattle & Calves Inventory and Value
Beef Cows Operations
Calf Crop Inventory
Cattle & Calves Balance Sheet
Cattle & Calves Production, Marketings and Income

Dairy Farms, Production and Milkfat
Milk Disposition
Milk Cow Operations and Inventory by Size Group
Milk Cows and Milk Production by Quarter and Annually
Milk & Cream
Manufactured Dairy Products

Sheep & Wool:
Sheep & Lambs Operations, Inventory and Value
Breeding Sheep, Lambs, and Lamb Crop Inventory by Class
Market Sheep and Lambs Inventory by Weight Group
Sheep and Lambs Balance Sheet
Sheep and Lambs Production Marketings and Income
Wool Production and Value
Sheep and Lambs Loss by Cause
Sheep Loss by Cause
Lamb Loss by Cause
Lamb Loss Before Docking
Lamb Loss After Docking

Hogs and Pigs:
Number of Farms, Inventory and Value
Inventory by Class and Weight Group
Balance Sheet
Production, Marketings, and Income
Pig Crop

Chickens and Eggs:
Layers & Eggs Number, Production, and Value
Chicken Inventory and Value
Chickens Lost, Sold, and Value of Sales

Bee Colonies and Honey Production and Value

Operations, Pelts Produced, Females Bred, Price and Value
Pelts Produced and Females Bred by Type

Operations, Value of Fish Sold and Foodsize Sales
Stocker and Fingerling Sales
Trout Lost

Agricultural Prices Paid & Received:
Farm Labor
Grazing Fee Annual Average Rates
Average Prices Received by Farmers by Commodity

County Estimates:
Rankings of Utah Top Five Counties by Commodity
Estimates by County of Selected Items and Years
All Wheat Production Map by County
Wheat County Estimates
Corn County Estimates
Barley Production Map by County
Barley County Estimates
Oats County Estimates
Alfalfa Hay Production Map by County
Hay County Estimates
Mink County Estimates
Cattle Inventory Map by County
Cattle County Estimates
Breeding Sheep Inventory Map by County
Sheep County Estimates
Cash Receipts from Farming Map by County
Cash Receipts from Farming County Estimates

Enterprise Budgets

NASS State Field Offices

Utah Counties and Districts Map

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