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Virginia office of USDA-NASS

Current News

NOTE: Some of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.


8/13/15: August Crop Production PDF

8/12/15: USDA To Measure Small Grain Production PDF

8/07/15: 2014 Peach, Apple and Grape Production PDF

7/24/15: USDA to Forecast Production for Fall Crops PDF

7/10/15: July Crop Production PDF

6/30/15: Virginia Grain Stocks PDF

6/30/15: Soybean and Peanut Acres Increase PDF

6/10/15: Virginia Winter Wheat Production Forecast Down 13 Percent from 2014 PDF

5/13/15: Virginia 2015 Wheat Forecast and May Hay Stocks PDF

5/7/15: USDA Seeks Input From Growers About 2015 Crops, Stocks, Inventories, Values | PDF  

4/28/15: 2014 Virginia VegetablesPDF

4/8/15: Virginia Grain StocksPDF

3/31/15: March Planting IntentionsPDF

2/26/15: Virginia Row Crop County EstimatesPDF

2/23/15: Virginia Farm Numbers PDF

2/20/15: Virginia Small Grain County EstimatesPDF

2/9/15: Virginia's Sheep and Lamb Inventory PDF

2/9/15: Virginia's Cattle and Calf Inventory PDF

1/13/15: Crop Production Report PDF

1/13/15: Virginia Grain Stocks PDF


12/09/14: USDA Surveying Cattle Operations PDF

11/10/14: Virginia's Corn and Soybean Forecasts Unchanged From October Peanuts Down, Cotton Up PDF

10/10/14: Crop Production Report PDF

10/03/14: Virginia Grain Stocks PDF

10/03/14: Virginia's Turkeys Raised PDF

9/30/14: Virginia's 2014 Small Grain Production PDF

9/11/14: Crop Production Report PDF

8/18/14: USDA To Measure Small Grain Production PDF

8/12/14: Virginia's Corn Producers Expect Lower Yields In 2014 PDF

8/06/14: Virginia Farm Real Estate Value and Land Rent | PDF  

7/11/14: Virginia Wheat Yield Up from June, Barley Yield Down from Last Year | PDF  

7/7/14: Virginia Grain Stocks | PDF  

6/30/14: Corn Acreage Down While Soybean Unchanged from 2013 | PDF  

6/18/14: April Hired Workers Down, Wage Rates Increase | PDF  

6/16/14: Virginia's Wheat Forecast up from May | PDF  

6/12/14: USDA Resumes July Cattle Survey | PDF  

5/13/14: Virginia's Wheat Producers Expect Smaller Crops | PDF  

5/9/14: USDA To Survey Farmers About 2014 Crops | PDF  

5/2/14: 2012 Census Profiles Virginia Farmers and Agriculture | PDF  

4/2/14: Virginia Grain Stocks | PDF  

3/31/14: March Planting Intentions | PDF   TABLE  

3/28/14: 2013 Vegetables Acreage, Production, and Value PDF  

2/20/14:2013 Virginia Corn and Soybean County Estimates | PDF  

2/20/14:Preliminary 2012 Census Results Provide a Snap of Virginia Agriculture | PDF  

2/6/14: USDA to Measure Economic Well-Being of U.S. Farms | PDF  

2/3/14: Virginia's Sheep and Meat Goat Inventories Both Decrease from 2013 | PDF  

2/3/14: Virginia's Cattle and Calf Inventory Down 5 Percent From 2013 | PDF  

1/31/14: USDA Thanks Virginia Producers for Completing the Census of Agriculture; NASS Will Release Preliminary Results February 20, 2014 | PDF  

1/27/14: Virginia Milk Production | PDF  

1/27/14: Virginia Grain Stocks | PDF  

1/10/14: Corn Yield Up From 2012; Soybeans, Peanut, Cotton Yields Down | PDF   TABLE

1/7/14: County Level Data for 2012-2013 Wheat and Barley | PDF  


12/17/13: October Hired Workers Down Less Than 1 Percent, Wage Rates Increase Nearly 2 Percent From Previous Year | PDF  

11/26/13: Census of Aquaculture Finally Here for Virginia's Producers | PDF  

11/08/13: Virginia's Corn Record Yield, Peanuts & Cotton Yield Down from September Forecast | PDF   TABLE

9/30/13: Virginia's 2013 Small Grain Production | PDF TABLE

9/12/13: Virginia's Soybean and Cotton Yields Down, Corn and Tobacco Yields Unchanged from Previous Forecast | PDF TABLE

8/12/13: Virginia's Corn Producers Expect Higher Yields in 2013 | PDF TABLE

7/11/13: Virginia's Wheat Yield Unchanged from June, Barley Yield Up from Last Year | PDF TABLE

6/12/13: Virginia's Wheat Forecast up from May | PDF TABLE

5/10/13: Virginia's Wheat Producers Expect Larger Crop | PDF TABLE

3/29/13: Soybean, Cotton and Peanuts Acreage Down From 2012 Corn and Wheat Up | PDF TABLE

3/27/13: Census of Agriculture Helps Grow Your Farm Future Virginia Farmers - Be Counted Before It's too Late | PDF

2/25/13: Virginia Farm Numbers down slightly from 2011 | PDF

2/1/13: Virginia's Sheep and Meat Goat Inventories Both Increase from 2012 | PDF

2/1/13: Virginia's Cattle and Calf Inventory up 8 Percent from 2012 | PDF

1/11/13: Soybean, Peanut and Cotton Yields Up From Last Year Winter Wheat Seedings Up From 2012 PDF TABLE




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