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Washington office of USDA-NASS

Annual Statistical Bulletin

NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.

Washington 2011 Annual Bulletin
Individual files listed below or
download entire 2011 Annual Bulletin - (118 Page PDF)

Cover & Office Staff
Agricultural Statistics Districts (ASD) Map (Page 1)

Table of Contents

State Summary:
Value of Production (Page 3)
Top Forty Agricultural Commodities (Page 4)
Value of Production & Harvested Acres (Page 5)
Washington's Rank in the Nation's Agriculture (Page 6)
Record Highs & Lows of Commodities (Pages 7-8)
Specialty Crops (Page 9)
Farm Numbers (Page 10)
Farm Labor (Page 11)

Prices Received by Farmers (Pages 12-15)
Prices Paid by Farmers (Page 16)
Index of Prices Received and Paid (Pages 17-19)
Grazing Fees (Page 20)

Income & Exports:
Average Cash Rent per Acre (Pages 21-22)
Agricultural Balance Sheet (Net Farm Inc.) (Page 23)
Cash Receipts by Commodity (Pages 24-25)
State Agricultural Exports (Page 26)
Farm & Cropland Value Per Acre (Page 27)

Field Crops:
Field Crop Summary and Acreage (Page 28)
Wheat (All, Spring and Winter) (Pages 29-38)
Barley (Pages 39-42)
Oats (Page 43)
Corn (Grain and Silage) (Pages 44-45)
Dry Edible Beans (Pages 46-48)
Dry Peas, Lentils, & Wrinkled Seed Peas (Page 49)
Potatoes (Fall) (Pages 50-56)
Hops (Pages 57-58)
Hay (All, Alfalfa, and Other) (Pages 59-61)
Forage Crops and New Seedings of Alfalfa (Page 62)
Grass and Legume Seeds (Page 63)
Sugarbeets (Page 64)
Mint (Spearmint and Peppermint) (Pages 65-66)

Acreage, Yield, Production, Price and Value
(Pages 67-70)
Mushrooms (Page 71)

Fruits, Nuts and Berries:
Acreage, Yield, Production, Price and Value
(Pages 72-75)
Cherry Processed Utilization (Page 76)
Refrigerated Storage (Page 76)
Apple Refrigerated Warehouses (Page 77)
Wine Grapes by Variety (Page 77)
Berries (Pages 78-79)

Livestock and Dairy:
Livestock and Products (Page 80)
Milk Production and Disposition (Page 81)
Marketing, Income and Value of Milk Production
(Paga 81)
Milk Cows, Milk Per Cow and Production (Page 82)
Milk Cow County Estimates (Page 83)
Cattle and Calves Inventory (Page 84)
Cattle and Calves Production and Income (Page 85)
Cattle Operations by Size and Inventory (Page 86)
Milk Cows Operations by Size and Inventory (Page 87)
Cattle on Feed Inventory (Page 88)
Cattle Slaughtered (Page 89)
Marketing Year Average Price for Cattle (Page 90)
All Cattle County Estimates (Page 91)

Minor Livestock:
Hogs and Pigs (Pages 92-93)
Sheep and Lambs (Pages 94-95)
Angora and Milk Goats (Page 96)
Poultry (Pages 97-98)
Mink (Page 99)
Bees and Honey (Page 100)

Trout (Page 101)

Miscellaneous Estimates:
Floriculture (Pages 102-105)

Marketing Year Definitions (Page 106)
NASS Field Offices (Pages 107-108)
WA Commodity Commissions (Pages 109-110)
USDA Farm Service Agency (Pages 111)
WSU Cooperative Extension (Page 112)
Index (Pages 113-116)


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