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NOTE: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need the Acrobat Reader, it is available for free from the Adobe web site.

Category includes asparagus, carrots, green peas, onions, and sweet corn estimates plus the Vegetable Annual Summary released in February.

Vegetables: Annual Summary, 2010-2012
02/05/2013: Agri-Facts - early February

Onions: Storage & Non-Storage, 2011-2012
09/13/2012: Agri-Facts - early September

Sweet Corn: Harvested, Yield & Production, 2011-2012
09/13/2012: Agri-Facts - early September

Asparagus: Harvested, Yield, & Production, 2011-2012
09/13/2012: Agri-Facts - early September



Vegetable Historic Data

Asparagus 1923-2011

Beets 1949-1971

Broccoli 1949-1978

Cabbage 1918-1981

Cantaloupe 1918-1978

Carrots 1929-2011

Cauliflower 1926-1977

Celery 1928-1977

Cucumber 1918-1989

Green Peas 1925-2011

Lettuce 1918-1999

Lima Bean 1929-1974


Snap Beans 1918-1989

Spinach 1923-1956

Sweet Corn 1934-2011

Tomatoes 1928-1975

Watermelon 1918-1978

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