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United States Department of Agriculture
National Agricultural Statistics Service

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Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS)

ARMS is the primary source of information to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the public on a broad range of issues about U.S. agricultural resource use, costs, and farm sector financial conditions. The results of this survey are the only source of information available for objective evaluation of many critical issues related to agriculture and the rural economy. NASS conducts the survey in collaboration with the Economic Research Service (ERS).


  ARMS Results

Both NASS and ERS analyze ARMS results and make various aspects of farm production practices available throughout the year. Below are the reports made available by NASS. To access ERS reports based on ARMS results, click here.


  ARMS Uses

 ARMS Survey Data Collection Materials

NASS collects ARMS data in three separate phases throughout the year. Below are the questionnaires used in each of the phases.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III


  More Information



Last modified: 02/05/2015