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  Bee and Honey

The Bee and Honey Inquiry provides estimates of the number of colonies producing honey, total pounds of honey produced, and total value of production by state for a production year. Honey stocks as of December 15 are also estimated. Honey price by color class and marketing channel for the U.S. are also estimated.

The Bee and Honey Inquiry is conducted in all states except Alaska. The target population is all apiaries with five or more colonies.


Results are published in the Honey report each February. The report contains honey price per pound by color class and marketing channel for the U.S. and estimates for each state and the U.S. of current and previous year honey producing colonies, yield per colony, honey production, stocks as of December 15, average price per pound, and value of production.

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Program Content

Producers are asked to provide the peak number of colonies, the number of colonies producing honey, and total pounds of honey produced for the production year, plus stocks on hand as of December 15 by state. Total pounds sold and total dollars received from honey sales by color class and marketing channel for the calendar year are also obtained.



Producers and marketers use colony, stocks, and price data to assist with business decisions. Economists use the value of production data for farm cash receipts estimates and national accounts.



The Bee and Honey Inquiry is conducted annually in December.



NASS maintains a list of apiary operators in all states except Alaska. Operations with five or more colonies define the sampling population. The list is assumed to be complete. In states with fewer than 300 qualifying operations, a complete census is performed. In the larger states, a stratified sample design is employed with the largest operations preselected.

Mail out/mail back is the primary mode of data collection. Web-based reporting is also offered. Nonresponse follow-up is conducted using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. Edits are performed on all reports received to insure data are internally consistent. Across record analysis tools are used to identify outliers and other suspect data which must be verified or corrected before summary.

Subject matter experts must manually impute for any preselected operation failing to respond. Nonrespondents in sampled strata are accounted for using reweighted estimators.



Last modified: 12/01/09