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  Broiler Hatchery

The Broiler Hatchery survey provides estimates of number of eggs set in incubators to be used for broiler production and the number of chicks hatched and placed for meat production.

NASS maintains a list of all known hatcheries.  Hatchery information is collected from all hatcheries which hatch at least one million broiler-type chicks a year.


The Broiler Hatchery publication is released each Wednesday.  Estimates of the number of broiler eggs set in incubators and broiler chicks placed for meat production are provided for selected states, Other States, and the United States.  Six weeks of estimates are included in each report.  The monthly Chicken and Eggs publication contains estimates of eggs in incubators on the first of the month and chicks hatched during the previous month.

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Program Content

The Broiler Hatchery survey includes counts of eggs set in incubators, chicks hatched, chick placed for meat production.  Chicks hatched for research purposes are included, while research and pharmaceutical use of unhatched eggs and embryos are not included.



The primary use of the weekly reports is to forecast future supplies of broiler meat and related prices.  Producers and processors use these data for marketing and business decisions.  Trade organizations, economists, and other analysts use the data to monitor the health of the industry and assess the industry’s contribution to the agricultural sector.



Broiler hatcheries are surveyed weekly.



Each week, approximately 200 broiler-type hatcheries receive a questionnaire referring to the previous week and are given an adequate time to respond to the survey.  Data for missing operations are estimated based on historical data and current data relationships of similar operations.  Reports received too late to be summarized for the current week are still processed for the next week and revised estimates may be published based on these data.  The reference period is an entire week ending on Saturday.


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Last modified: 05/21/13