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  USDA Certified Organic Production Survey FAQs

How is the Organic Production Survey conducted?

From December 2011 – April 2012, NASS will conduct the survey nationwide targeting farm operators known by NASS and USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service to produce USDA organically certified crops and/or livestock. NASS will collect information on certified organic production including acres planted, acres harvested, quantity harvested, quantity sold, value of sale, marketing practices and more for field crops, vegetables, fruits, tree nuts and berries, livestock, poultry and livestock products. Producers can respond by mail, Internet, telephone or personal enumeration with a NASS representative. Completing the survey online via NASS’s secure Web-based response system at is strongly encouraged. Online response saves the respondent time and saves money on return postage and data entry. Participants need the ID number printed on the mailing label of their survey form to respond online.










Last modified: 11/02/11

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